Down Syndrome: Moving through life

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They are also told that they have just a couple weeks to do it, as most state laws limit selective abortion to the first and second trimesters, although under Roe v. Wade , these state laws are unenforceable. They agonized over the surgeries and pain their children might have to face and the obstacles to their acceptance in society, as well as their own emotional and financial capability to care for a child with special needs and the toll that it might take on their marriages. They worried and they wept, and had very little time to process the news and decide what to do.

Andi Matthews, pregnant for the first time, received the diagnosis near the end of her second trimester and was given an abortion appointment by default for the following week while she went home to think it through. We mourned the loss of our healthy baby boy who we had never even met.

We mourned the loss of our happiness, of our innocence. We struggled to justify this decision to terminate our much-wanted pregnancy.

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She asked the doctor whether she could have a chance to hold the baby after the abortion was over. The doctor told her there would be no remains intact. Her family and health care providers rallied around her, and, apprehensive but finally at peace, she went forward with her pregnancy. Laugh often. An extra chromosome. Smart kid. Chip off the old block.

Down Syndrome - Perfection in Imperfect Lives (Powerful Testimonies)

No one could ask for more loving and enthusiastic parents. But many carry with them a dark cloud of regret for their initial confusion and dismay, regret that they ever could have questioned how they were going to love their children. One hopes that staving off the avalanche of unknowns from the start might diminish this ordeal for similar new parents, and books like these will surely help, if only to assure them that they are not crazy and not alone. But it would be a mistake to downplay the challenges of raising children with special health and educational needs, especially in a society not inclined to see beyond the symptoms.

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Groneberg had a longtime friend who dropped her cold. Others came very close. I wish I could wear a helmet around, too, and maybe some big hockey pads. But if we let him take his time, and if we love him, he will be fine. A ny society struggling with how to deal with Down syndrome would do well to take its cues from Carter, as well as all the other siblings, parents, and friends of Kristin, Jason, Mitchell, Alex, Julie, Riley, Cariana, Avery, and company.

People with Down syndrome, like all of us, come into the world by way of their families, not as isolated individuals who may or may not be capable of certain functions. Groneberg gets at the significance of this elliptically with a story in which she rues the way she had viewed people with mental disabilities until one came into her life.

It never occurred to me that somewhere there is a woman who held him as a little baby, who changed his diapers, who rocked him and sang to him and cradled him through the night. I never considered the baby, the child, the family. And now I wished I knew about it. How did he get there?

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Down Syndrome South Africa

Where is his family? Where is his mother? That question, of course, does not express the wish that more children would struggle with disabilities, but rather that more families might find within themselves the means to understand, and to transmit to future generations, the profound truth that every life is filled with meaning, and every child is a source of joy. Whilst there is a lot of very relevant information in this resource, the references to education and social care law are now out of date.

Find out how our Information Team can help you and how to get in touch with support groups in your local area. You will find a lot of information on these pages. He took a trusty Royal Enfield Bullet motorbike and rode it along some of the most challenging terrain in the high passes of the Himalayas in India. We were recently sent these gorgeous photos of George McCullagh, from Northern Ireland, celebrating his 75th birthday last month!

Earlier this year, the DSA was pleased to be involved in shaping new guidance around growing older with a learning disability.

Letters to parents

See More See Less. Plus, I run a nonprofit organization to help other families with children with autism and Asperger's Syndrome. I have been an advocate for the disabled for many, many years. They are human beings I LOVE these kids and adults who are people first and who happen to have a disability.

I also advocate for homeless people. Should mothers have aborted their babies because they thought they might become homeless?

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We as a society have to embrace all of our brothers and sisters I agree with Ms. It influenced my attitude immensely, since I had never really known anyone with it. Still, the fear is very human and normal. One of my first instincts was to make "it all go away. She would be in my thoughts and emotions every minute.

Down syndrome: moving through life - Yvonne Burns, Pat Gunn - Google книги

I came to the realization that it would be easier to deal with whatever challenges she came with, than to deal with the emotional toll of an abortion on my conscience. Nineteen years later, she is grown andwonderful and while there are challenges, the gifts and joy that she brings to our family are immeasurable and precious.

Never once have I ever for a second ever thought we made a mistake. She has made me a wiser, more compassionate, insightful person. Still, I would never judge a woman who was in my position, and went another way. Interesting, that I would have been more judgmental before our daughter was born. My job as a Christian, Catholic is to love, encourage and help.

I also believe we as a society need to make it easier for woman to have babies and raise them. Maybe the author can start a group specifically devoted to adopting the down babies.

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That would give the person carrying the child another option. Honestly, until someone is in the position of being told their child will be born with Down syndrome or another life changing disability, they are speaking around the periphery. I do not think anyone should be encouraged to terminate their pregnancy ever, but it is not so simple. The crushing weight one feels and the sense of overwhelming responsibility for such a fragile life is indescribable. No one can know that unless they've been in that position, as I and my husband were. I felt God was testing me to walk the talk and my faith saved us.

It's a very sensitive time for a family. So, until you've walked a mile in that mother's shoes, your opinions are not really valid. This article also appeared in print, under the headline "Iceland is not eliminating Down Syndrome: They are just killing everyone who has it," in the December 25, issue.

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Down Syndrome: Moving through life Down Syndrome: Moving through life
Down Syndrome: Moving through life Down Syndrome: Moving through life
Down Syndrome: Moving through life Down Syndrome: Moving through life
Down Syndrome: Moving through life Down Syndrome: Moving through life
Down Syndrome: Moving through life Down Syndrome: Moving through life
Down Syndrome: Moving through life Down Syndrome: Moving through life

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