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Does anything come to mind? Lots of set backs and losses, especially in my music career. This tweet was mainly a reminder for me. I was with my parents and we learned about a secrete alleyway artists would use to exit the Opry and slip off to one of the nearby bars. He was a big influence to me, so we went to the back after the show and I got to meet him!

I shared with him my dream of pursuing a music career. Keep singing. I usually like to sit down with a pencil and highlighter. Praying and reading the Word would be the most logical answer, I guess. Even though I avoid talking to God, and he still finds ways to talk to me.


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I still make myself go to Church every Sunday. It will eventually pass. I need to stop being in control all the time. To witness that conversation. To experience his example of mercy here. Those stories make my heart happy. Also, woman who touched his robe in the chaotic crowd. It goes back to his mercy and her faith being so strong. Spotify , Instagram , Twitter , website , youtube. I work to make it part of my self-care.

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God is in control. So having a regular routine is simply impossible. But I hike a lot.

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I look at the flowers and their intricate design. The sound of birds singing and other things God made. These remind me of him. I also listen pretty exclusively to Christian.

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Commuting in L. I grew up in the Catholic church, and then stepped away to my own church where I could better connect. In , I was in a very bad accident on a movie set on a boat. I almost died! My faith changed after that day. I think often the only way to get out of our spiritual valleys dark seasons is to just keep moving.

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Do things that bring joy. Another thing is that quantity not same as quality when it comes to friendships. More is not better. Struggle is OK, it builds character. Just the same lessons. To be patient! My default is to work ward to obtain goals quickly. Leave that part to me. He asked them why they had such little faith.

I live in pictures, so actually watching this would be amazing. There you go.. Does that make me neoliberal?? Too be honest the electorate do t care about labels and are bored with the agenda they promote.. What more can the Tories do to dent their popularity? What more can Labour do to show they too are unfit for office? We await the next absurd revelation. All it has done is track the economic warfare being waged on ALL classes of working people by vested interests who think that they can get away with it. There are plenty of places for you to validate your views — whatever they are — so go and find them.

No one is making you come here Steve! The privileges of the Few can continue until they threaten the well-being of the many, then they will be reduced. History shows that when it comes to choosing a government British, but perhaps more emphatically English, voters prefer two clear competing political blocs each of which is capable of providing governance. And so it has been cavaliers vs roundheads, Whigs vs Tories, Liberal vs Conservatives and eventually Labour vs Conservatives.

It also appears that voters have traditonally preferred that these political blocs formed of coalitions of various combinations of competing and co-operating factions thrash out their internal differences to present unified parties either delivering governance or capable of delivering governance. And voters tend to deliver severe judgements on divided parties. A broad consensus is beginning to emerge that the current economic model is no longer fit-for-purpose. This tends to be most clearly expressed by people in Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens, but quite a few sentient Tories and establishment commentators and opinion formers share this view.

Obviously opinions vary widely about the nature and extent of change required, but it is for Labour as the only party capable of capturing and forming a vote-winning consensus and of providing alternative governance to ensure that it does so. Most voters express their judgement in hindsight. Incumbent governing parties performing badly will be treated brutally, but if and only if there is a credible alternative government. A party which should provide, but presents itself as being incapable of providing, a credible alternative government will be treated even more brutally by voters than an incompetent incumbent government.

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  5. That is the situation we are in and there is a high probability that the current incompetent government will be returned with a majority. And that is the tragedy of the cult of Corbyn. By leaving a comment you consent to your name and email address being stored on the site. We won't spam you or pass it on to anyone else.

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    Name required. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Order it here. Tweets by RichardJMurphy. Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience. Toggle navigation Home. As I said then : What I would stress though is that there is no point in a change if Labour is not going to learn its lessons. I think I was right, both at the time and now.

    But, as I also argued in If I was not an idealist I would not have created the ideas that Corbyn borrowed from me. I am sure Fisher is targeting Seumas Milne, in particular. I am sure that alongside Len McCluskey he is right to do so. Pilgrim Slight Return says:. It's based on what you do today , and what you will do Having a leadership position and being a leader are not one in the same.

    Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 63 pages. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Lead Right , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Lots of editing errors in the Kindle adaptation The message is good and the book is very easy to understand - but whoever edited the Kindle version should be embarrassed. If it's the same in the print version, even more so Jun 12, udayk rated it really liked it.

    Great book with very valuable inputs! Its very concise and directly relates to professional life leadership. It acts like a checklist to review every now and then, if you're a manager. This book doesn't tell much about how-to on self work but its a people management book. Good Leadership lessons I found this book to contain a lot of good information that I plan to share with my staff.

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