Heathers Mommy Has Two Identities: A Guide for Children of Crimefighters

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Evil villain Birdbrain has been snatching citizens and putting zombie-like clones in their places. Kung Pow Chicken is hot on Birdbrain's tail feathers — until an army of free-range zombie clones birdy-snatches him! Everyone has a birthday — but not everyone celebrates the same way.

Meet 17 children from around the globe who share their own birthday traditions, including how they say happy birthday in their native language. Young readers are invited to compare their own birthday traditions with the ones they've learned about in the book. There are so many ways to have a happy birthday!

Everybody has a birthday, but not everyone celebrates it in the same way! In fact, there are many different birthday customs and traditions around the world. In this bright and accessible title, readers will learn about the Name Day celebrations in Greece, special birthday festivals in Japan, different coming-of-age traditions and more about how children across the globe celebrate their birthdays!

Bloodthirsty creatures are real well, maybe not Dracula , and there are trillions of vampires creeping, crawling, swimming, buzzing and even flying among us. Vampires come in a variety of shapes, sizes and species. You may know about fleas, vampire bats and leeches, but how about bloodsucking birds, butterflies and snails? Sink your teeth into the world of these important creatures! But in her new home, away from all she knew, Hannah feels only bitterness.

Then the glow of the Shabbat candles and a new friend help Hannah discover that sweetness can come from unexpected places. British Columbian-born Tsimshian artist and mother Morgan Asoyuf makes her publishing debut using familial crests of the Pacific Northwest that depict the deeper story of familial ranks and migratory paths as her artistic inspiration. This book of high-contrast images of Northwest Coast art is designed to stimulate brain growth and visual development in young babies.

He remembers beating Shaun up the night of his death, but nothing else — except the nightmares. Falling in love might just be the card that knocks the whole house down. Two is trying to understand why her bright and talented brother has taken his own life. During school detention, she meets three other teens who seem as lost as she is.

They each grapple with depression and anxiety and become an unlikely source of comfort to one another. As the four unite to battle teachers, parents, therapists and their own demons, their promising futures begin to reveal themselves. In this third book featuring the adventures of Cyrus and Rudy on the farm, the brothers are spending the last days of summer running a roadside stand.

When a friendly neighbour gives them a bin of red wrigglers, earthworms that break compost down into fertilizer, Cyrus and Rudy become worm moguls as they discover just how in demand the Eisenia fetida are! This informative title explores the causes of the stock market crash on October 29, , and the resulting Great Depression. For more than 10 years, the effects of Black Tuesday were felt worldwide. Fascinating source material, including posters, political cartoons, books, interviews and articles reveal the devastation of the mass unemployment, epidemic real estate foreclosures and crushing poverty of those years.

Artist Naomi M. These are inspiring and indomitable black women whose stories need to be told. Her moods range from confusion and sadness, to fear and rage. Returning to school is a nightmare. When a new friend presents an alternative to staying in her old life, Jessica must confront the reality of what it means to leave her past behind.

This graphic novel explores the grace of family and the power of the Great Mystery. December 6, , Halifax. Twelve-year-old Livy and her older brother, Will, still mourning the loss of their father, are in separate parts of the city when there is a flash of light, thunder from underground and then an explosion. Instantly, Halifax is unrecognizable. Alone in the dark, destroyed city, can the siblings find each other? Where is their mother? How will they rebuild their shattered lives? Jakub and Lincoln are best friends and graffiti artists.

Then Jakub is targeted and Lincoln must decide — save his friend or embrace his life as a gangster. Alice, caught drinking underage, and Caleb, who assaulted his abusive stepfather, are dropped off on a remote island for a week-long treatment program with six other troubled teens, a psychologist, a social worker and an ex-cop.

When a girl goes missing and then the radio is sabotaged, panic sets in. Now the kids must take matters into their own hands. She let nerve and imagination defy critics and doubts! As a little girl in Rome, her own mamma called her brutta. So, Elsa decided to seek out beauty around her, and she found it everywhere — then used art and her imagination to make creative, marvellous fashion. When Tuk is born on the mountain, life is simple for a young bighorn.

However, the herd is in jeopardy and soon it will be up to Tuk to lead them to a mountain he has seen far to the west. It will be a long journey filled with dangers, but Tuk has seen the blue mountain and his herd mates are counting on him. On a crowded city sidewalk, a child discovers a book. At home, in her apartment, the child begins to read and is immediately carried beyond the repetitive sameness of an urban skyscape into an untamed natural landscape, sparking a transformation of the cityscape.

This wordless book speaks volumes about how art can transform us beyond the sometimes-dreary world of the everyday. From tugboats to ferry boats, cargo ships to clippers, children discover 15 different nautical crafts. Each two-page spread includes a brightly illustrated maritime vessel with a simple description written as read-aloud text. The boats and ships also display a nautical flag, whose message is decoded as a secondary text. Bob wants a dog for his birthday, but instead he gets a ghost named Fluffy.

Fluffy doesn't sit or fetch, but he does eat everything, and soon all of Bob's things and even Bob himself end up in Fluffy's belly. After reading this story, everyone will want a birthday ghost! Heam is the hottest drug around. It smells like strawberries and looks like liquid silver. People say when you take Heam your body momentarily dies and you catch a glimpse of heaven.

Faye was only 11 when drug dealers forced Heam on her and her best friend, Christian. And her only friend died. When year-old Hallie is hit by an SUV, her life ends before it ever really began. At an otherworldly carnival, she meets the elderly driver, Susan, who claims a malfunctioning accelerator caused the accident. Two bodies, two souls switch places in search of justice — before time runs out. Bog journeys into human territory with Small, a huge forest troll, and Hannie, a human girl. There, the three friends learn of a rock said to bring a stone troll back to life.

Their quest becomes a race of cunning, trickery and wits. While hiding his own lack of circus skills, Seb discovers he is not the only one with secrets, and that the school is falling apart. Dylan and his friends win a science fair and the prize is a trip to the badlands of Alberta and Dinosaur Provincial Park. Bridges are fascinating structures and they come in all forms. Whether they are covered or moveable, stone or wood, bridges connect countries, neighbourhoods and even families! Twins Piper and Quinn meet for the first time at their mother's funeral.

Each is aware that there is a darkness inside her. One has been pampered, the other, punished. One wants to uncover the truth hiding behind the lies, the other wishes to possess the power to turn lies into truth — and a dark and deadly inheritance will destroy one of them. Inside is a mysterious leather-bound book, and, when Becca tries to read it, she triggers an ancient magic — her spirit is sent to an ancient world and she falls into a coma.

Crys vows to save her… but from what? Henry has found the most awesome book ever. The problem is, he keeps getting interrupted by the school bell. But what if Henry decides to ignore the bell and keep reading? By not springing up with the ringing of the bell, Henry sets off a chain reaction unlike anything his school or town has ever seen. Will a louder bell make Henry move? But when the mayor tries to shut down the rickety bookstand, Yasmin must take her nose out of her book and do something. But what can she do?

With the help of friends, family and neighbours, Yasmin launches a campaign to make sure the voices of the community are heard. A fascinating read for fans of the team and the game, this book features appealing historic and contemporary images, and mixes informative text with quick-reference infographic charts for statistics buffs. And the reward money for cracking the case would be a big help at home. But as the clues careen in all directions and the suspects mount up, Duncan finds that wrestling with the truth may be harder than wrangling a gator.

On the night of a blue moon, a boy and his cat set out for a walk and find themselves on an enchanted adventure. They are carried to the blue moon, but the blue planet, Earth, calls the explorers home.

Safely back in bed, the boy wonders — was it only a dream? The wind, with its many names, is a powerful, borderless force that whistles and whines, and sings and roars. Follow along with a young boy on an imaginative dance around the world upon the shoulders of the planet's most celebrated winds — Chinook, Papagayo, Shamal and the Cape Doctor — as they blow across the Earth.

An evocative journey around the globe and home again. Respect, determination and the sheer thrill of the game brought Bobby Orr from a small northern town in Canada to the NHL. This picture book celebrates hockey — from the backyard rinks to the big leagues. A book for hockey enthusiasts of all ages! Evelyn and Queen become friends and, although she cringes when he draws attention to himself, he is the most interesting person Evelyn has ever met. When suspicious disasters suddenly start happening all over the globe, Conrad and Piper McCloud join with their former classmates and create a secret group that use their gifts to save people in trouble.

Can Conrad bring them together to save themselves… and the world? Jarrod can view the memories of any bug — he just has to eat it. But, when Jarrod swallows a fly while biking, he sees a room stacked full of sick dogs and puppies in crates. Can Jarrod save them? All the Icehogs are excited to hit the ice except Gregory. He doesn't want to play and he won't say why. Brady Brady discovers that Gregory can't afford new skates, so he comes up with a plan to help — and winds up helping the whole community! Our Choice Brady Brady loves hockey and decides to build his own backyard rink!

With no help from his family, he has to make it by himself. Building a rink is tougher than he thought, but Brady Brady's hard work is about to pay off in a way he never imagined. Originally published in , by Stoddart Publishing Our Choice Brady Brady is proud of his backyard rink and loves when friends come over for a game of shinny. But when Freddy's grandfather makes a bigger rink and the game moves there, feelings are hurt and friendships are tested. Can the Icehogs stay together or will it be rink vs.

Originally published in , by Brady Brady Inc. Frightened of playing a mean and undefeated opposing team, the Icehogs' goalie Chester gets an attack of nerves and goes missing! It's up to Brady Brady and his team to find their netminder and help him find the courage to face the dreaded Dragoons. Ashley hates getting her hair braided. It looks nice when it's done, but it takes ALL day and Ashley never has time to do anything fun.

When Grandma arrives, they turn the tables and braid Mom's hair! With augmented reality, magazine content comes to life! Using fun ways to explore math, science, language, geography, history, music and art beyond the curriculum, this educational magazine engages kids through what they love — their mobile devices. Featuring articles on current science trends and tech gadgets, great books to read, contests, ideas and experiments to try at home, this is cool learning! This fully interactive magazine offers extra digital content for kids to read, listen to and watch with the use of a mobile device and the free Blippar app.

Offering a multi-sensory journey, fusing digital and print media in a dynamic and compelling way, this magazine allows kids to explore topics such as space, Earth sciences, biology, math and technology on a deeper level. When an ice storm snaps a small girl's favourite branch from the tree in her yard, she's crestfallen. Her neighbour, Mr. And so, with imagination and Mr. Frank's guidance and tools, the girl transforms the branch into something new, giving it another purpose, and her another place to treasure! This book encourages young readers to discover the world of trees.

Profiling 11 different trees from around the world, including familiar ones such as the red maple as well as lesser-known trees like the tall-stilted mangrove, it highlights the many complex ways trees are part of our society, culture and economy. The symbiotic relationship between trees and animals is also explored. In his daydreams, Jensen is a hero, saving his friends and the world daily.

But in his middle school reality, everything is hard — from math to friendships. Can Jensen find real solutions to his real-life problems? What does it mean to be brave? This is the sequel to Awkward. Join Chris, Wallow, Beth and Danny, four year-old heroes-for-hire, as they travel through the galaxy helping those who need it Enjoy these brand new missions as the Bravest Warriors go solo!

From little Beth, to poor choices regarding werewolves and magic, the Bravest Warriors have never been more helpful Eleven-year-old Parvana lives in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. When her father is arrested, conditions grow desperate for her family. Forbidden to earn money as a girl, Parvana must transform herself into a boy, and become the breadwinner.

This 15th-anniversary edition includes a new cover, a foreword, a map and an updated author's note. Hockey is a very popular sport around the world. But how and where did hockey originate? When was hockey first added to the Olympics? Have women and girls always played? In this book, these and many more questions are answered for hockey fans. Before her mother leaves. Before her sister betrays her.

The determination to find love and comfort that lures Faith to drugs is the same force that can drive her to recover. This book highlights the achievements of Canadian women's sports stars and their fight for the right to compete in sports traditionally dominated by men. Proving that women's sports are just as competitive and exciting to watch as men's, this book focuses on seven sports and the women who made them their own.

It only takes one: one coral gamete to start a colony, one person to make a difference, one idea to change the world. The ongoing effort to save and rebuild the world's coral reefs is the living legacy of Ken Nedimyer, founder of the Coral Restoration Foundation. This book is a tribute to the wonders of nature and the power of human hope. The American alligator, which escaped extinction 65 million years ago, was nearly wiped out in the marshes and swamps of Louisiana and Florida in the last century. Today, it is thriving. This insightful book tells the story of how government protection, habitat preservation and a campaign to reduce the demand for alligator products helped bring back this fierce-looking predator.

The survival of the giant panda depends on the survival of its only food: bamboo. Habitat loss from the destruction of bamboo forests in south central China where it lives made the giant panda a vulnerable species. This book tells how habitat conservation and the creation of borrowing-and-breeding programs with zoos around the world have kept this beloved bear from extinction. Humpback whales are a true ecological success story. Readers will be enthralled by the story of these masters of the deep, listed as endangered in Protected by an international ban on hunting all whales in , the humpback recovered so well it was no longer listed as endangered in most of the world by The only remaining wild population of whooping cranes breeds in Canada and winters in the United States.

Explore the fascinating story of its recovery — a tale of cross-border cooperation and the work of a team of international biologists. Readers will be able to chart their course and determine the elements of this successful recovery plan. Nothing takes the place of splashing in a puddle or jumping into a pile of autumn leaves. Along with the mud and sand that get tracked indoors come memories that live forever! Mary McKenna Siddals has written a joyous anthem that celebrates playing in sunshine, puddles, leaves and snow — and the treasures that get collected along the way.

An ode to outdoor play. This riveting prequel to the Malediction trilogy takes readers back to the world of Trollus. Except being together may turn out to be the greatest risk of all. The year is , and seven children from England embark on a summer sailing adventure in British Columbia. They soon discover the true story of Brother XII, a shadowy figure who is rumoured to have buried treasure on one of the coastal islands.

Their vacation turns into a treasure hunt — but will they find the loot before a band of pirates does? Britain has blockaded the fortress, and supplies for the 4, inhabitants are running short. The young men are sent on scouting missions that provide valuable information about the British troops. This is the tale of two wolf cubs found and raised in a village on the Pacific coast as human children. The wolf cub brothers are very different from one another. They undergo a supernatural transformation that turns one into a Sea Wolf and the other into a Timber Wolf.

Although separated, their howling voices unite monthly, waking up Moon and saving the world from darkness. This child-friendly volume is a wonderful introduction to an iconic Canadian artist. Includes a preface by the late Ted Harrison and many beautiful full-colour reproductions of his artwork.

A dog who likes to play by the rules meets a hedgehog who knows no limits! But when the small, prickly creature says he is a pirate — and that Buddy is a pirate, too — the two mismatched friends are off on a grand adventure. Buddy tries to explain the ins and outs of babydom to Earl, but neither of them is prepared for the havoc the small creature will wreak! Buddy and Earl, transformed into superheroes Wonder Buddy and Super Earl, come face to face with the new neighbours, Mister the bulldog and Snowflake, a fluffy white cat.

When Snowflake slips from a branch while showing off to an admiring Buddy, Super Earl flies into action to save the day… and the cat. Buffy Sainte-Marie is a singer-songwriter, visual artist, activist, educator, public speaker and philanthropist. An orphan from a reserve in Saskatchewan, Sainte-Marie has become an international icon.

Although she has experienced censorship because of her vocal activism against war and on behalf of native peoples, she continues to create music and art, speak out and support life-long learning through educational and scholarship programs. A bug flies into a house Sucked into a vacuum bag, this little bug moves through the five stages of grief — cleverly illustrated as household products — as it comes to terms with its fate. Will there be a light at the end of the tunnel? Will there be dust bunnies in the void? This title is also available in French as La mouche dans l'aspirateur.

When you use digital technology, you are part of a community of digital users called digital citizens. This engaging title helps readers find out how to use digital resources responsibly to build knowledge, answer questions, solve problems and demonstrate their learning to others. Accessible text and authentic examples model effective research strategies and support readers as they learn. However, after an incident in the schoolyard, the principal makes him an ambassador at an upcoming open house.

Now Daniel must work with Jeff Kover, the nastiest bully in the school. Hanging out with Jeff will change Daniel's perspective on bullying and force him to examine his own behaviour. Kids deal with bullying in its many forms on a daily basis. This newly revised and updated title includes resources, checklists, quizzes and comics to give kids the know-how to deal with bullying — as targets, witnesses or even bullies themselves. An engaging approach to a complex and all-too-common problem. Originally published in , by James Lorimer Our Choice Thirteen-year-old Chris and his family are building a bungee jump off a conduit connecting his backyard to a family-owned island.

But rumours of hauntings on the island, once the site of a hospital for children with leprosy, are getting out of control. And there are mysterious mishaps on the bridge; if the bungee jump isn't a success, his family will lose everything. Lavinia the badger loves vegetables and tends her garden with care, but one morning she discovers that her lettuce, her potatoes and her beans have disappeared!

Lavinia sets a trap and catches the thief, a bunny who promises to reward her if she lets him go. A rhyming romp of a tale about a badger and a band of bunnies. This poignant picture book is based on the true story of a police horse named Bunny and his riders, brothers Bud and Tom Dundas, who were sent to the European front in World War I. This quiet, powerful tale explores many of the hardships soldiers endured, but by focusing on the tender relationship between Bunny and the brothers, the author makes the grim details easier for young readers to absorb.

This title is also available in French as Bunny, cheval de guerre. Lydia is a kindly maternal mouse who has taken Burt in, loving him unconditionally. Together Burt and Lydia tell a heart-touching tale of home and belonging from two different perspectives. Busy Baby can play, share, paint and help clean up. Whatever Busy Baby does, the most important thing is to make some new friends along the way.

This simple, interactive book features a swivelling head so that Busy Baby can show a happy or sad expression, keeping the very youngest readers busy reading, playing and learning. This little book, packed with facts and beautiful full-colour photographs, takes children on a fascinating journey into the world of butterflies.

Young readers will learn about the parts of a butterfly, the differences between butterflies and moths, the butterfly life cycle and the different families of butterflies. Children are encouraged to help protect butterfly habitats by building butterfly gardens. When a little girl moves to a new town, she finds a place called Butterfly Park.

But when she opens the gate, there are no butterflies. Determined to lure the butterflies in, she inspires her entire town to help. Soon the butterflies — and the girl — feel right at home. Luminous paper-cut illustrations and an enchanting story encourage community, friendship and wonderment at the beauty of everyday life.

Dekker and his sister Riley are living with their weird great-aunt in Button Hill for the summer. Dekker discovers an old grandfather clock with a skull face and he inadvertently opens a door between Dayside, land of the living, and Nightside, realm of the dead.

Then Riley disappears, and Dekker learns that to save her he must follow her into Nightside and make a difficult sacrifice. In this colourful board book, the search for a lost button takes a little girl on an adventure to a store filled with buttons. This charming story shows toddlers how imagination and creativity can make anything possible. The lilting text makes for a great read-aloud, while every page provides an opportunity to explore both numbers and colours.

In , the Edict of Expulsion is signed, giving all Jews three months to leave Spain. Joseph, 12, escapes to Portugal with his parents and younger sister, Gracia. Clancy, the family's lovable chocolate Lab, has disappeared and Kenzie starts to hear stories about other dogs going missing. Then Kenzie finds Clancy's ID tag and a van loaded up with dog food. With the help of Gayle, a courageous schoolmate whose dog has also disappeared, Kenzie uncovers an illegal operation that grabs dogs off the street and turns them into bloodthirsty killers. Years later, Roa, married to Dax and now Queen, has one chance to save her sister… all she has to do is kill the king.

Caillou is bullied at daycare by a much bigger and stronger boy named Theo. Sometimes, Theo uses his strength to get what he wants. Caillou is afraid of him. In this story, Caillou learns to stand up for himself and say no to bullying. Feeling like a big kid, Caillou packs a school bag and is off to first grade. He likes recess, lunch hour and drawing on the blackboard, but not all the bells and rules!

With the help of his friend Sarah, Caillou makes his first snowman. The snow is perfect, but Caillou lacks experience. Sarah proves to be a very patient teacher. They finish with a delicious snack made by Mommy, and Caillou makes sure the snowman is not left out! This title is also available in French as Caillou et le bonhomme de neige. Caillou has a busy day playing outside and getting dirty.

Now it's bath time! Splashing in the tub turns out to be just as much fun as playing in the garden. Now Caillou is all clean, at least until tomorrow! Caillou is confused when Emma is allowed to have extra snacks at preschool until he learns that Emma has type 1 diabetes. Caillou worries and tries to protect her. But when Emma outruns him in a race, Caillou realizes that Emma is managing her diabetes and still having lots of fun, just like other kids. But soon, the evening turns into an indoor camping adventure, complete with marshmallows roasted in the fireplace.

Caillou is especially delighted when he gets to sleep by the hearth in his sleeping bag. This title is also available in French as Caillou: La panne de courant. The alphabet soup is much too hot! Daddy thinks of a learning game to help Caillou wait for it to cool off. Young readers can learn all the letters of the alphabet along with Caillou.

Each letter is illustrated with a variety of words and pictures. Have some fun with a game of alphabet soup! Grab your carry-along book and discover the world with your friend Caillou. Packed with illustrations from Caillou's universe and a wide variety of words organized by theme, this book will help young ones expand their vocabulary. Children will learn the words to designate animals, objects around the house, colours and much more.

Kateiko doesn't want to be Rin anymore — not if it means sacrificing lives to protect the dead. Her only way out is to join another tribe. Killing a colonial soldier and falling for Tiernan isn't part of the plan. Now she must choose between leaving Tiernan or abandoning others to die and decide what's worth dying — or killing — for. After being shipwrecked, Christopher wakes up alone in Devonshire, his memories gone. He learns about dark events — children disappearing without a trace. Villagers fear the White Lady is stealing the children to consume their souls.

Calvin has always known his fate was linked to the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. As the hallucinations persist, Calvin struggles to regain control of his own mind and destiny — with one grand, incredible adventure. Will Cammie learn why she was abandoned and be able to start her new life? Or will she find more secrets?

Can she ever put the past behind her? Max knows his mom can't afford to send him to summer camp, but he really needs a break from looking after his autistic brother, Duncan. When his mom says that he can go after all, there's a catch. There are spots available at the camp for families with special needs, and Max could attend at no charge — if he goes as Duncan's companion. Irene Latham, who is white, and Charles Waters, who is black, use this fictional set-up to delve into different experiences of race in a relatable way.

This remarkable collaboration invites readers to join the dialogue by putting their own words to their experiences. This book explores how and where clothes are made, how the people who make the clothes are treated and how the companies who sell the clothes affect the health of our planet. Follow the book's guide to spending your money in a responsible and eco-friendly way — your outfits have more power than you realize!

A 21st-century activist's guide for anyone who has access to a smartphone. This how-to manual looks at specific ways you can create social change through the tap of a screen. Filled with examples of successful hashtag campaigns, viral videos and new socially conscious apps, the book provides practical advice for using your smartphone as a tool for social justice. From zero degrees and one flag to 10 sled dogs and 25 fishing boats, the youngest readers will delight in counting their way across Canada!

Paul Covello's brilliantly bold artwork counts up all things Canada and Canadian in this board book that will be enjoyed by readers young and old. From the author of the beloved Canada ABC. From A is for Arctic to Z is for Zamboni , Paul Covello's gloriously bright and detailed board book for the very young highlights Canada's iconic symbols, animals and events.

Cheery scenes of Canadiana include dogsledding, outdoor hockey and celebrating Canada Day, while Canadian symbols such as the inuksuk, the loonie and a totem pole are vibrantly depicted. From the author of the beloved Toronto ABC. The music to this soothing lullaby is available online at babylullaby. Take a tour of Canada's fascinating history! This timely title highlights a milestone for every year from Confederation in , up to our Sesquicentennial in O Canada!

Along with featured stories, the pages are filled with short biographies, important firsts, quotes and trivia. This is a compelling snapshot of the people, places and events that have shaped our country — one year at a time. Partly a geography lesson and partly a socio-cultural journey, this charmingly illustrated volume is chock-full of fascinating Canadiana and brimming with extension activity possibilities. An exploration of what it is to be uniquely Canadian! Threats to biodiversity, such as invasive species, loss of habitat due to agricultural chemicals, mining waste, overfishing and hydroelectric dams are examined.

Every Canada Day, monsters from each province and territory based on Canadian folklore and First Nations legends gather for a picnic. The monsters play games like swamp hockey and eat blackfly pie and banana slug sundaes. How does a beaver warn of danger? Where do walruses like to live? This lively poem will engage youngsters as it introduces them to a variety of Canadian animals, their habits and their habitats.

Mixed-media illustrations with vibrant colours will delight readers young and old. Candyville is ruled by the Juicy Jelly Worm, who leaves a daily path of sugary destruction for the children to repair. And the candy? They never get even a bite! Together the children sow a delicious plot to tempt the Juicy Jelly Worm — can they spark the sweetest trade ever? In an ode to Newfoundland weather, this is the story of Kate, who is eager for summer to begin, but whose plans for bonfires and picnics are squelched by relentless rain, drizzle and fog.

Doody captures perfectly the long pause that Newfoundlanders know so well as they await the capelin small food fish whose arrival is said to signal the return of summer. Monty the Malodorous is a daring pirate. He is brave! He is bold! But when his crew jump in the ocean for their Saturday scrub, Monty stays on deck bellowing, "Real pirates don't bathe! So, what or who will it take for this putrid pirate to take the plunge? Readers will discover that the natural element, carbon, is found in all living things, including people. Detailed diagrams and an experiment help explain photosynthesis, respiration and how human activities can disrupt the cycle's balance.

All the birds tease old Crow for his scraggly feathers and harsh call, especially proud Cardinal. But when Cardinal gets into trouble, only Crow is smart enough to get him out. Fetch a tablecloth and join Miss Petitfour and her feline friends for five magical adventures! From aardvark to zebra and all that's in between, little ones will love learning their alphabet with these colourful creatures. This vibrant ABC book introduces babies and toddlers to the unique variety of animals found in Africa.

An alphabet for all ages, the stunning linocut-influenced artwork brings an uncommon selection of critters to life in this lively board book. At the annual summer Africville Reunion Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a young girl imagines what the vibrant community was once like — from the brightly painted houses nestled into the hillside to the pond where all the kids went rafting. Moving between science and culture, this book takes a straightforward look at questions we all have about dying.

By showing the diverse ways in which we understand death, now and throughout our history, the book also shines a light on what it is to be human. Three years ago, Skye's brother Luka died in a high-school shooting. But Luka wasn't a victim — he was a shooter. Now, Skye must return to the town she had fled and face Jesse, her childhood crush and former best friend until the massacre tore them apart.

It's Newfoundland, Fourteen-year-old Bun O'Keefe has lived a shuttered, lonely life with her negligent mother, who is a hoarder. One day, Bun's mother tells her to leave, so she does. Hitchhiking out of town, Bun learns that the world extends beyond the walls of her mother's house and discovers the joy of being part of a new family — a family of friends who care.

When Akilak must travel a great distance to another camp to gather food, she thinks she will never be able to make it. Would you be surprised if you came face to face with a red-eared slider or a brown bullhead? Would you know what to do with Dalmatian toadflax?


Children's Bookwatch

This book identifies more than 50 species of animals and plants that have invaded British Columbia. This fascinating book includes colour photographs, and each species listed is rated with a threat meter to identify the serious invaders! Roderick Haig-Brown, a well-known conservationist and naturalist, taught children to explore and respect our forests, oceans and rivers for years. Each bird, from the osprey to the heron, shares lessons of its life and the natural world it inhabits.

Readers will learn all about their favourite hoopsters and how they became part of basketball history. Record-breaking stats, famous quotes, history-making shots and more celebrate basketball stars since the game began in Haggis and Tank set sail on a pirate adventure. They talk like pirates, swab the deck and even search for buried treasure. Piper and Sloane are best friends. To Sloane, Piper was fierce, pretty and powerful.

Sloane felt lucky to be chosen for a sisterhood that was supposed to last forever. Now Sloane and Soup, racked with questions, must relive their painful histories with Piper. Discover how the definition of cleanliness in one part of the world may differ radically from another. In Zimbabwe, for example, cleanliness means coating your washed body with a mixture of oil and dirt! The gross factor ensures that young readers will find the book both entertaining and enlightening!

College freshman Liv is more than just a fangirl: The Starveil movies are her life With the help of her best friend, Xander, steampunk cosplayer extraordinaire, Liv launches a wildly successful online campaign to bring her beloved hero back to life. A trip to DragonCon with Xander may be just what she needs now. The truth about Kellan Turner has cost Romy everything — friends, family and community. But when a girl goes missing and Romy learns of another assault, she must make a choice. Nobody believed her the first time, and nothing has changed, but is the cost of her silence more than she can bear?

River has betrayed Kazmin and regained his dark powers. The witches are planning to take over the Empire. Facing dark magic, a perilous journey and a standoff with the witches, can Kazmin, Lusha and Tem find the star and save the Empire? In this joyful celebration of the months of the year, experience a world of colour, wonder and silliness through the eyes of a young child. July is for swimming upside down, September is for crunchy piles of leaves and December is for a kingdom all in white.

Experience a whole year of play and merriment! This title is also available in French as La ronde des mois. A slice of Alligator Pie — sized for little ones! One of the best-loved Canadian poems of all time, Dennis Lee's timeless rhyme is now paired with whimsical artwork by Sandy Nichols, winner of a nationwide competition to find the perfect illustrator for this iconic poem.

After a family friend comes into her bedroom one night, year-old Jewel — who now understands why her sister ran away — is on the run. When his girlfriend disappears, Tony Shepherd joins forces with troublemaker Charlie Wolfe to find out what happened. But Charlie's investigations aren't always legal, so when another missing girl is found dead, Tony learns that doing right sometimes means doing wrong. Together, they must find a ruthless killer and stop him before someone else dies. Shepherd and Wolfe. They're definitely not the Hardy Boys. The town of Glory is famous for seedy businesses and suicides along the Indigo River.

Marsden, desperate to escape her predestined fate, needs money and ends up skimming the bodies that appear along the Indigo. There she meets Jude and, as they grow closer, the two unearth secrets that could allow them to move forward… or chain them to the Indigo forever. Most of all, Charlotte is exposed to new ideas, and in Ghana, this is both exciting and dangerous. When the Ghanaian government is overthrown in the middle of her freshman year, Charlotte quickly learns that politics and power are a treacherous game.

For centuries, the human brain has been a mystery. Scientists have only started to unravel its secrets, and there is still much we don't understand. Joey Cornell collected everything — anything that sparked his imagination or delighted his eye. His collection grew and grew until he realized that certain pieces just looked right together. To the delight of his family, he assembled his doodads to produce wonderful, magical creations out of once-ordinary objects. Based on the childhood of artist and sculptor Joseph Cornell.

From Just Grace and Fashion Kitty author Charise Mericle Harper comes the first volume in a funny and charming new graphic-novel trilogy for elementary-age readers about a little girl who can craft her way out of any situation. Each volume includes fun and simple instructions for do-it-yourself crafting activities.

Get your paws ready for crafty time! As a girl, Amelia Earhart aspired to a future that would take her beyond the problems of her younger years as well as the restrictions imposed on her because she was female. Celebrated for her long-distance flights, her disappearance during an around-the-world flight in remains an unsolved mystery. Each primary-source artifact offers the reader significant clues to the civilization's technologies, cultural traditions, foods and conflicts. This awesome book explores the culture and achievements of ancient Egypt through the examination of artifacts that have survived through the centuries.

Each artifact offers the reader significant clues to the civilization's technologies, cultural traditions, foods and conflicts. The ancient Mayan civilization thrived in Mesoamerica, and the Mayans are famous for their calendar, which followed the solar year. This exciting book explores the culture and achievements of the ancient Maya through the examination of artifacts that have survived through the centuries. Fifteen-year-old Jim believes that war is a glorious adventure and he cannot wait to fight.

But what Jim discovers in the trenches dispels any romantic view of the war, and his longing for adventure is replaced by the need to survive. The final tragic outcome is one he never could have imagined. He puts on his boots and his coat, pulls on his goggles and heads out for an adventure. He splashes in puddles and gets tickled by worms. How is he going to fix his mess? She presses one button, then another, until the plane takes off.

Now available as a board book, this Munsch classic was originally published as an Annikin in , and as a picture book in When Angela's father gets lost at the airport, she looks for him everywhere. Angela looks under planes, on top of planes and beside planes… then she looks inside a plane. Luckily, she finds the button for the control tower! Can Angela bring the plane back down? To Angus, shiny objects not only look beautiful, they also crackle, buzz and go whiz-bang-POP! His unique ability is lost, however, when Angus wears his grandma's beaded necklace to school, and his classmates tease him.

Saddened by their laughter, Angus stops hearing the sparkle. But a kind gesture from a friend helps to restore his sparkle. What are two things that small children love? Animals and big machines, of course. In this energetic board book, the two are combined, along with a single word, to show how the actions of seven animals mirror those of seven mighty machines. A small elf-like creature appears on every spread, giving toddlers something else to discover.

Originally published as a picture book in Highlighting the work of the Toronto Wildlife Centre TWC , this book describes how wild animals are rehabilitated after being rescued from perilous situations. True stories demonstrate the efforts of the trained professionals who rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release orphaned, sick or injured animals. Readers learn about the wild animals that they may encounter and get tips on how to protect and support urban wildlife. In an engaging question-and-answer style, children are introduced to playful activities that they share with other animals, such as playing tag gazelles , blowing bubbles grey tree frogs and dancing honeybees.

What seems like playtime for the animals is actually the way they forage for food, build strength or care for their young. A fun and educational introduction to animal behaviour. In this newest title, youngsters learn how bowheads raise their babies, where they live, what they eat and other interesting information, like how they can eat when they don't have any teeth! Mixing fun-filled animal facts for young readers with detailed illustrations, Animals Illustrated is a charming non-fiction series focusing on Arctic animals.

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Children learn how muskoxen raise their young, how they protect themselves from predators, what they eat and how they forage, and the adaptations they exhibit that allow them to live in colder habitats than many other animals! In this title, children will learn how polar bears raise their cubs, what they eat and how they hunt, where they can be found and other interesting information, like the fact that polar bears actually have transparent fur and black skin! Learn how walruses raise their young in the cold Arctic ocean, what they eat and where they can be found, along with other interesting information, like the fascinating uses for their tusks.

This book was created by a variety of Coast Salish artists who have been generous in sharing their culture, art and insights on their unique relationships with the natural and supernatural world. Stranded in the rain, the animals are all too happy to board a boat two by two. At first, the animals find ways to amuse themselves like playing leapfrog and hide-and-seek.

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Will the rain ever stop? This title is also available in French as L'arche des animaux. Going to the art gallery is boring for Anna — everything is old and there are so many rules — until she gets to peek inside a mysterious, secret workshop. Filled with representations of many famous and not-so-famous paintings, this picture book is a celebration of how art can capture the imagination. Then wild, brash and outspoken Anne crashes into his life. Anne is all he thinks about, desire consuming him. Henry will do anything to be with her, but will their romance destroy them both?

Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert wanted to adopt a boy to help on the farm; instead they get brash, redheaded Anne, who has always dreamed of finding a real home. Could Green Gables be it? Marilla and nosy neighbour Mrs. Lynde are not so sure Anne belongs. Anne must prove what she knows in her heart — that Green Gables is her true home. Annie and her big brother, Simon, are mostly good friends, but even friends disagree sometimes.

Now this offbeat duo return for a third warm and gently funny early chapter book featuring three short stories. Annie and Simon highlight the best parts of being siblings and are a testament to the fact that there isn't just one formula for the perfect family. Princess Misty of Beldora is captured by Lord Badlug, the ruler of Grimoire, who intends to marry her and conquer Beldora. Misty is determined not to be another damsel in distress… she is going to be the hero of this story! None of the other foxes share Marco's curiosity. So, when a magnificent ship adorned with antlers arrives at the dock looking for a crew, Marco volunteers, hoping to find other inquisitive foxes and answers to his questions about the world.

The motley crew finds adventure, peril and possibility on their journey — and Marco discovers that finding friends is more important than finding answers! This accessible title helps kids understand anxiety and offers practical ideas for coping. Filled with information, quizzes, definitions and helpful hints, this book helps young people identify and deal with the different ways that anxiety is expressed, from phobias to panic attacks, in settings as diverse as home, the schoolyard and the mall.

Strategies for kids coping with anxiety are included. When she has a fictional encounter with some very curious children, they end up collaborating on a fantastical story within a story. Here is a world where kids can become part of the story and let their imaginations run wild… and maybe they will be inspired to create stories of their own. Jaden and Cali live in different cities, but they connect online almost every day, playing their favourite game, Cross Ups.

Cali is unhappy and she keeps changing her gamer tag. What is she trying to hide? Ara loves BIG numbers. She wants to count all the stars in the sky In this STEM adventure, Ara and her sidekick droid, DeeDee, use smarts and grit to solve a BIG problem and discover an amazing algorithm of success — coding, courage, creativity and collaboration! When their dad died, Justine became caregiver for her autistic brother, who has now been accepted into a group home.

Before he moves in, the twins want to create the perfect memory. Each spread has a clue, and kids will see hints of her scattered throughout the pages. A winsome armadillo goes to Paris, accompanied by his grandfather's journals, to meet the Iron Lady. But who is she? Each spread has a clue, and readers will see hints of her scattered throughout the book. Sixteen-year-old Sloane is given an incredible opportunity — the chance for a film school scholarship. Then she discovers a bald spot on her head and is diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that has no cure and no definitive outcome.

Determined to produce her video and keep her condition secret, Sloane is forced to make the most difficult choice of her life. Politics is more than just adults governing society and making laws; politics is how we make decisions. How we get along. And it is influenced by all people — even you! Readers will come away equipped with the knowledge they need to understand current events and elections, and maybe even be empowered to civic action themselves!

But the more art she sees, the more mixed-up she gets When Finley, Olivia and Henry make some art-rageous portraits of each other, they discover the power of art! Finley makes her mark in a Fin-tastic way. During his life, Vincent van Gogh was mocked for being different. Children and adults alike called him names and laughed at him. Nobody bought his art.

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But he kept painting. Arto has lived his whole life in the cold North. When his family prepares to spend a year in the South, Arto is not happy. He wears his woolly clothes in the desert, pretending he never left the North. But when Arto makes a new friend, he slowly sheds his layers and discovers that it's not so bad to adapt to your surroundings.

Outdoor art, from Halloween decorations to a fish display strung up at the school, starts disappearing from all over the neighbourhood! Since Attila hated working on those fish for his community service, everyone thinks he is behind it. Wherever Christopher Rowe goes, adventure — and murder — follows. Even a chance to meet King Charles ends in a brush with an assassin! When Christopher discovers the attacker's true target, he and his friends are ordered to Paris to investigate an ancient curse on the French throne.

Now Christopher, Tom and Sally are in a race to find a hidden treasure — before someone else is murdered! Will has what it takes to become a classical violinist, so when given the chance to take part in a prestigious summer program, he seizes the opportunity. But Will is unprepared for performing in public and he has all the symptoms of performance anxiety — sweating, shaking and heart-pounding panic. What happens when the one thing you need to achieve your dreams is something you find utterly terrifying?

Maddie and Ivan have been friends forever. Should she tell someone and get help? What does betrayal look like when your best friend is in trouble? Count goldfish as they swim about the tranquil pond. Watch as sunlight moves across the water. Spot a water lily blossoming, frogs and water striders hopping through, a heron flying by. With a simple text and rich, lifelike paintings, Werner Zimmermann has created a peaceful meditation on nature and a unique and beautiful world for all readers to enjoy. From Atlantic puffin to zooplankton, this board book includes lots of interesting Atlantic Canadian animals like the lobster, brown bat, moon jellyfish, porcupine and more!

This book is your passport to a world of hidden possibilities! Audrey is a cow with poetry in her blood who yearns for adventure. When she discovers that she is headed for the slaughterhouse, Audrey must leave her home and friends sooner than she ever imagined. Cleverly written as an oral account, this unique illustrated tale of an animal on the run is full of heart and humour. A touching and insightful story.

Covering his childhood in Arizona to first overall draft pick for the Toronto Maple Leafs, this exciting book helps readers find out how the hockey player has skated his way to stardom.

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Iranian-American Daria Esfandyar is proud of her heritage. She and her friends think of themselves as the "realest" kids in school. But when Daria learns something shocking about her past, she starts on a journey of self-discovery. It seems everyone is keeping secrets. As everything in her life starts spinning out of control, can she figure out how to stay true to herself? Twelve-year-old twins Ashley and Ryan are skiing with their parents in Wyoming when there is a ground-shaking rumble and unstable snow rushes downhill, burying them in icy whiteness.

An avalanche! It will take all their knowledge and grit to survive! Stay calm. Stay smart. Real-life avalanche and wilderness survival tips are included. Avis Dolphin is sailing to England on the Lusitania. War is raging in Europe, and German U-boats are a real threat. Avis meets a kindly professor whose story of a magical island helps her face an uncertain future. Not knowing what to do, she encounters many animals who want to help. Celebrating the revitalization of Cree dialects and traditional methods of storytelling, the book includes a pronunciation guide and the recipe for bannock.

Love shines through in the scribbled sticky notes they leave each other. Neither Matt nor Free ever imagined they would be playing American football in Paris with a team from a poverty-stricken suburb called Villeneuve. And Free just wants to play football and forget Texas. The fearsome witch of folklore needs an assistant, and brave Masha needs an adventure.

Now, to earn her place, Masha must pass a series of tricky tests… Russian folklore icon Baba Yaga mentors a lonely teen in a wry graphic novel that balances gleefully between the modern and the timeless. Caillou has finished his bath and is getting ready for bed. Young children can help Caillou by looking under the flaps to find his pajamas, his favourite book and his teddy bear, along with a few surprises!

A fun and sturdy book for toddlers. This CD is a celebration of 20 years of making beautiful music for children. Reid-Naiman has gathered the best of her songs, rhymes, tickles, knee joggles, dances and lullabies for babies and put them together on one classic CD. Lindy has been working hard cleaning and doing odd jobs around the neighbourhood to earn money for a school trip to the Arctic.

When an elderly client pays her a larger amount of money than normal, Lindy keeps it to pay the early-bird rate for her trip. But then a schoolmate learns what she did and starts blackmailing her, forcing Lindy to make a hard choice. This documentary, investigating a perceived threat in the rural Maritimes following a fatal coyote attack, could be used in a high school setting to convey how the expanding human population is encroaching on animal territory. Locals react to the attack by concluding that a new super species is infiltrating their communities: part coyote and part wolf.

But is there any truth to this suspicion? From Cleopatra to Coco Chanel and Marlene Dietrich to Madonna, female style rebels have used clothes to shake things up and break the rules. With an energetic, appealing writing style, Croll demonstrates how through the ages, women — often without other means of power — have used fashion as a tool, and how their influence continues to shape the way women present themselves today.

Once there was a bad mood and a stick. The stick appeared when a tree dropped it. Where did the bad mood come from? Who picked up the stick? And where is the bad mood off to now? You never know what is going to happen… sometimes it takes a bad mood to make everything right! Twelve-year-old Cody loves basketball, but his shaky self-confidence is undermined by a much better-off player who targets him. The newbie seems to take an interest in Cody on the court, but his "helpful" hints are undermining Cody's performance. To play better, Cody has to come to grips with the bullying, become more self-reliant and take advantage of his skills playing the sport.

Bagels are the best thing about Sundays. But their weekly tradition is disrupted when a tumble on his tuches means Zaida is housebound — and bagel-less! Will they all be hungry for bagels on Sunday? Is there something Eli can do? The Bernsteins are heading off on a cruise without the family pets. When Bagels sneaks aboard the ship, Josh and his little sister, Becky, must keep him a secret! But then an onboard mystery begins to unfold, involving two potential spies and a mysterious woman with a secret envelope.

Can Bagels help crack the case? Look out, Bagels is back! The Bernstein family vacation to Sasquatch Lake is off to a rocky start with no TV and a leaky cabin roof. Josh keeps seeing a hairy figure lurking in the woods, and even Bagels is nervous. And are Sasquatches real? Prepared in conjunction with Canada's National Ballet School, this is an inspiring resource for boys and girls interested in ballet.

So when the entire family, except Balthazar, disappears, the only Fabuloso without real magic must find them. Balthazar teams up with a long-lost lunatic uncle and the loathsome Pagan Fistula against a force so evil that even powerful magicians cower before it. What hope does a ragtag crew of misfits have? Follow along as a fictional researcher observes and makes journal entries about their field trip through the Shunan Bamboo Forest ecosystem.

Outstanding photographs highlight the animals, plants and people that inhabit China's oldest bamboo forest. Simple graphs show facts about the forest, and the final report describes efforts being made to preserve it. Separated from his family when they are forced to flee their home in Burundi, young Deo lives alone in a refugee camp in Tanzania. Resources are scarce and gangs steal what they can. One gang leader has begun targeting Deo, who finds comfort in making a banana-leaf ball. When a coach arrives and organizes a soccer game, everything begins to change.

Pip craves adventure and the chance to right the injustice he sees all around him — just like his hero, Robin Hood. An offer to go to the Bradford Fair allows him to escape his dull life for a few days. Can Pip and his Band of Merry Kids save the day? The massive volume of information available today makes clarity a key component of data literacy, and visual representations of data are the clearest and quickest way to share information.

Using engaging activities and relevant, real-life examples, this book teaches young readers how to organize and clearly present data using bar graphs, and explains how to interpret data in this form. Meet Barnaby, an unforgettable bunny with a few blind spots! Barnaby has an excellent memory. He remembers to brush his teeth and he always remembers when it's ice-cream night.

So how could he forget something so important? As Barnaby finds out, sometimes the thing that's slipped your mind is right under your nose or right above it. Jim Webb and his grandfather are supposed to be on vacation, fishing for barracuda in the Florida Keys. But with a deathbed request for help, a generations-old crime and attempted murder, everything changes. Webb discovers that what lurks in the shallow waters of the Keys is much more dangerous than a slashing game fish. And along the way, he learns an important truth about himself and his own past.

There is so much more to baseball than throwing, hitting, running and catching. Behind the game is a wealth of science, folklore, mathematics, psychology and fascinating, little-known facts. This entertaining, informative and highly visual book gives young baseball fans a front-row seat to colourful details, surprising insights and new discoveries in baseball knowledge. Die-hard fans and casual spectators alike will want to get their hands on this book of fascinating basketball facts. Find out about the origins of basketball, how much players are paid, the evolution of the basketball shoe and the secret for hitting a perfect shot.

Lots of humorous illustrations and a fun trivia quiz make this book a slam dunk. In this engaging and informative title, animal activist and biologist Rob Laidlaw sheds light on these famously shadowy mammals, from their habits and habitats to their importance for maintaining biodiversity, and the conservation efforts being made to protect them.

Nathan loves animals and longs for a pet. When he discovers seven orphaned baby squirrels in his backyard, he is keen to help them. With assistance from Batcat, a neighbourhood stray cat, Nathan learns to care for the squirrels. But all babies must leave the nest eventually. Will Nathan finally find a pet to call his own? This board book features full-colour photos of animals with a two-word description underneath. At the end, a child is shown having a bath, with the question "How do you take a bath?

Cricket McKay and her best friend, Shilo, are enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation at Grandpa McKay's farm when they make a disturbing discovery — dead bats! The girls learn that the migrating bats are flying into the blades of the new wind turbines. Now they need to figure out how to get the power company's attention and save the bats!

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In this action-packed third instalment of the MetaWars series, the Uploaded have crossed into the real world. Now the fight for control of the Metasphere and the off-line world has become a savage battle between the virtual and the real. Jonah, on a mission to save the Metasphere, faces an even more complicated future — and must make a terrible choice about his own uploaded father.

But the war rages on, and the three young men find themselves reunited at the notorious Libby prison in Virginia. Nate is a guard, Sunday is a slave, and Walt is a prisoner. Can these three battle-scarred soldiers hope for anything more than survival? A vibrant health and creativity magazine set in a bustling city in outer space and filled with short stories, comics, recipes, puzzles, crafts, jokes, interviews, sports, true stories, fun facts, prizes and more! Specializing in publishing youth work, the magazine focuses on nutrition, personal care, healthy lifestyles, character development, eco education — all in an imaginative and zany style!

Can anything eat prickly sea urchins? Can dead jellyfish still sting you? Why does water squirt up when you walk along the beach? Biologist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers these and many more questions in this illustrated guide to solving beach mysteries. An entertaining and enlightening look at life by the ocean, perfect for beachcombers of any age. How do bedbugs get into your home? Why are some grey squirrels black? Does goldenrod cause hay fever? Naturalist Peggy Kochanoff answers these questions and more in this illustrated guide to solving nature mysteries in the city.

From ever-present dandelions to waves of starlings and clever coyotes, readers will be amazed at what nature they can find in the city. Historians are like detectives, looking for clues in primary sources in order to better understand the past. Diaries and letters give a first-hand account of life in a specific time and place.

Readers take on the role of historical detectives as they examine letters and diaries as primary sources and discover how to use them to study the past. This fun book gives an exciting overview of the rules, positions, strategies and equipment in football. Dynamic photographs and step-by-step instructions provide tips on passing, receiving, rushing and defending, as well as helpful pointers for playing most positions on the field.

Nutrition and the importance of fair play and teamwork are also included. Why do owls hunt at night? Why do coyotes howl? Naturalist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers intriguing questions about the natural world at night in this informative illustrated guide. From how fireflies give off light and why some flowers only bloom at night, to why the moon changes shape, Kochanoff encourages kids to become nighttime detectives and explore their world after dark.

Photographs show historians how things looked in the past. Readers take on the role of historical detectives as they examine photographs as primary sources and discover how they can be used to study the past. Do dragonflies bite? What is the difference between a frog and a toad? Are leeches dangerous? Naturalist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers these questions and more in this illustrated guide to solving pond mysteries, taking young readers on an entertaining and enlightening tour of life in and around a freshwater pond.

Discover the answers to fascinating nature mysteries! Readers take on the role of historical detectives as they examine speeches as primary sources and discover how they can be used to study the past. In this inviting book, young readers discover ways to practise democratic principles in their schools and classrooms. Accessible, child-centred examples demonstrate key skills and practices, including active listening, consensus building and voting procedures. Good citizens take an active role in making their communities better places to live.

This motivating book provides several practical examples of ways young readers can demonstrate that they care about their communities. From helping to care for community gardens to participating in neighbourhood clean-up events, readers will learn the value of becoming active citizens where they live.

Artifacts are objects people in the past made, used and left behind. Readers take on the role of historical detectives as they learn about artifacts as primary sources and discover how they can be used to study the past. Caring for Earth is everyone's job! Readers will discover ways they can have a positive impact on the environment, including planting trees and eating locally grown food, as well as "pre-cycling" and protecting animal habitats.

Children will learn to take personal responsibility for environmental stewardship and discover how to be effective problem solvers when it comes to protecting the planet. In this innovative title, young readers learn what it means to be a citizen of the global community. Children will learn about different needs around the world, from water wells in Africa to global disaster relief, and discover their own abilities to make the world a better place.

This empowering title will help readers discover how to create positive changes in their communities. They can't stay out of trouble for long. A local cop likes to harass them every chance he gets. Under the cloud of the draft and Vietnam, they are about to turn eighteen. Read More Europa The year is The United States already has several colonies on the moon, Mars, and Jupiter's beautiful moon, Europa.

A vast saltwater ocean has been discovered below the frozen surface of Europa. The president of the United States has approved a special mission to drill through the frozen surfa Follow along and twist your mind around these poignant rhymes. Read More Nowhere Left to Run Skye Hawk has spent nearly twenty years carefully developing her physical and mental stamina.

She is fully prepared to protect herself and the people she loves from a sadistic, abusive ex-husband. When her newfound fame as a nature photographer gives her location away, Skye once again becomes his ob For James Longstreet, the commander of the Confederate forces, the campaign for Knoxville and East Tennessee marked the nadir of his military career, which climaxed in December , with him submitting a letter of resig Read More Warriors of the Sonic Sabers.

The warriors are a trained force of soldiers that use mental enhancement that they have discovered to power the armaments that have been discovered on their own planet. The training that they have to go through to learn what is called the warrior dance, making them one of the most fearsome w Read More The Battle for the Gift The world has started to experience unprecedented climate change and violence. It's like all hell has let loose, and only a few with the gift to see can do anything about it.

Tyler, a selfish, addiction-ridden criminal, shrugs off the horrifying visions with the booze and drugs until his hard I was in total pain. I had my eyes closed and was thinking about God. I thought I should be able to hug God to show Him my love. Then I saw Jesus on the cross in his last moments. I saw and heard Jesus saying Read More Rideshare Confessions R.

Sterling gives a look into rideshare from a view that most have never seen. In this collection of memoirs, Sterling showcases some of the most intriguing stories told by rideshare drivers. This anthology is sure to have you on the edge of your seat Cats, in particular, often look up at the sky, perhaps curious to see what it's like up t It shows that God is alive and active in the lives and affairs of people today, just as he was in the days of the people in the Old and New Testament. When we love and obey him, he blesses us beyond our comprehen I'm a single father of two with passive income solution.

As any parent knows, having kids will teach you lessons in finances that no economics course ever could although I do have a business degree. When my wife and I divorced in , it was like a bomb went off. In this book, you will find inspiration, heartache, pain, ways to get out of this heartache and pain, how to live, personal trials into my own life, love, depression, and so on. I used to feel Read More Defending Daedalus It is a terrible flaw in our makeup that we tend to understand least those closest to us.

A problem of obstruction, perhaps, our own shadows blocking our view. Jack Blanchard is a talented, accomplished painter who loves and resents his father for the same reasons. Love condemns resentment, a You have a way with words and a way of compiling them to create and hold a reader's attention. Continue your work—the stories you tell have a universal appeal, so please, don't stop tellin Read More Lady Lilith Dahlia Bianchi is dying, thus prompting her to share a revelation with her youngest daughter, Liliana, before her passing.

This sets in motion a series of new discoveries that prompt Lili to reconsider her allegiance to her selfish and vindictive older sister, Rosanna. It is , and World War II h Read More Graham Hill Come to a world, a fantasyland that could be most anywhere, but is set in Virginia—but has never been seen in Virginia. It is a world that never could have been but seems as if it were real but is always based on humor and the impossible. Behind it is all about a room of people or animals that see It's time to ride bikes, eat fresh fruit right off the trees, and spend time together outside.

The author talks about the magic of living on Indiana Avenue, a community where children can get lots of exercise and find ways to conquer their fear. The Winning Bobblehe Read More Dagger Mountain Coming from a depressing dark past, Dagger Mountain seems to have finally found happiness with his beloved Sonia.

As the days get closer to his wedding, many mysteries begin to unravel. Answers to the origin of nightmare dragons that attacked years ago draw him in to plan a venture outside the lands Read More A Trucker's Guide to Weight Loss and Control The author's title for this book sets the stage for a detailed guide he took from being over sixty pounds overweight for his height while working within an industry that has the highest obesity rate for any industry within our country. The cover art is itself a clue of things to come.

That's the aut Read More Boy of the Woods Remember, monsters always find you. Ted and his wife, Vanessa, live in Freetown, Massachusetts, where twenty-five years ago, their eight-year-old Johnny was chased by bullies into a mysterious forest. After the bullies vanished from the trees, Johnny met a man who said he will make him like a Read More Aware of the Ultimate Reality It wasn't my education or career that led me to the realization there is an ultimate reality beyond our directly observable space-time continuum.

Rather, it was the miracles sent my way, the small voice that protected me, reassured me, and showed me the path to becoming aware of the true nature of o Read More White Roses White Roses is the story of a talented young woman and the challenges she faced in her art, her life, and her love. What has happened to America since the postwar era of the late s, s, and early s?

Obviously, there have been a lot of changes—great, good, bad, and worse. There were challenges growing up with fellow baby boomers, under the guidance of the greatest generation. But we were taught to exp Read More There's a Rock in My Shoes Darold Sanderson, a midlevel accounting supervisor for a New York—based publishing company, has always led a very quiet, unassuming life and is content to keep it that way.

His only close friends have already passed away, and the only remaining "person" in his life is Rock Hard, an old-time, hard Read More Personal Quotes Winning is a mind-set; losing is a curse. I hope you and yours will join those worldwide who are enjoying these personal quotes. They are considered as depression busters by many.

They make you laugh. Some will be like puzzles to be solved. Self-pity is the basement of human existence Read More Walks of Life Walks of Life empowers the reader with the tools and inspiration to take the leap back to nature. It reaches out to everyone who might not be wholly civilized, to those whose dispositions include some cast of the romantic and adventurous, who might consider trading the sweet air of forest and desert Despite a haunting childhood and struggles in my adult years, God has blessed my journey tremendously.

Even though I have been a Christian for most of my days, there were decades that all I could see were the trials. In this book Doug Whitener asserts that parents and teachers are the lead sculptors Unable to see, hear, feel, smell, or taste, what kind of life could one possibly expect to have? Katherine Buchanan is an expectant mother, living in a new city, with no family, no friends o I hope that children and adults alike will find humor in this unique and quirky short story.

Read More Shut Up! This book is a true document of issues that follow a child after being abused, it covers a life span of a male child of 4 years to a man well into his sixties. It covers the fear, the mindset that turns his thoughts of hatred and the feeling of bei We never seem to find enough of it, especially when it comes to enjoying life.

Come meet Benny, a German Shepherd who runs into a honeybee and shows him the simple joys of life. Benny says that he is "too busy" to take time out of his day and play with a honeybee! How ridiculous does that soun Read More Scattered Shadows Scattered Shadows tackles the unseen spiritual world around us while bringing together a known psychiatric condition with the alleged reality of supernatural activity. Joshua Gregory Pierce is a forty-nine-year-old, anal-retentive night manager at Walmart. He sees and hears things that others cannot The first thing she would do when she comes in my home was give me a kiss and a hug.

Anything she did or we did together, I would give her a kiss and tell her good job. Before going home at night, she would do the same thing, Read More Creatures of Habit The title of my book Creatures of Habit is really all about my journey of addiction and alcoholism. As my addiction took over, it seemed at some point all about the maintenance of staying loaded.

The fun of it all quickly slipped away, and it was all about maintaining my high. My hopes and dreams sl Read More The Sharpies Online bullying has become a catchphrase for our day. No longer the traditional bullying in the schoolyard, it casts a much wider net. In The Sharpies, the stereotypes of bully and victim are far more nuanced.

When a violent act occurs, suspicion is cast on all the characters, for nothing is as Read More Through the Firelight From a hill to a high-rise, stories, pictures, and poetry in clouds of beautiful, ugly, rich, and poor as life continues on its busy way Read More Who's in the Limo Growing up in a small Redneck Cowboy town in California, this guy managed to live quite an unexpected life—tromping cotton in winter, branding cattle in the summer, a stint in the US Army, and with wheels moving all the time.

Join this veteran as he rubs elbows and more with some of the world's They cover virtually every aspect of life and give ideas on how to live a meaningful, healthy, and happy life. They have initially After writing that poem, I thought to myself, "What if I could write the entire Bible in an easier-to-read-poem format? After about nine years of writin Read More My Journey My Journey is a true-to-life story of a Cameroonian woman who hopes to use her long life battles to encourage, educate, and motivate young girls and women who get stuck in similar life situations.

Her battle with miscarriages pushed her to tell the world her story Read More Ten Pennies and a Dime Amber has the perfect life as a single stay-at-home mother of two athletic and talented sons. She spends most of her days tanning, working out, shopping, and having coffee with friends while the boys are in school.

She is a socialite in her community, one with a nice size trust fund which allows her Read More Four Generations of Stone Four Generations of Stone is a fictional story about a family of strong men and women who began with one man coming to America in from England. He is compelled to follow his dream of becoming a mountain man in the American Rocky Mountains.

Without the help of the First Nation Americans, the Sto Read More In Purpose, Not On Purpose When sex abuse and crime are seen through innocent eyes, they become embedded into one's core—thus, producing criminal behavior, patterns of abuse, and violence. Meet Tyshann.

Turtle Recall: The Discworld Companion . . . So Far

Journey with her as she turns from innocent eyes to street criminal and abused living. She knows that she wants to be a be After attending college and settling in civilian life after six years Navy time, it became necessary to return home. Social stigma af Read More Thoughts for Another Day About ten years ago, I started writing down thoughts that popped into my head in my spare time. Poems for the Common Man became the working title. These poems are meant to enlighten and touch your senses and thought processes in many different ways.

I hope you enjoy them Read More Game Without Rules In this book, the author builds on a simple premise and ideology that everyone wants to get to heaven but too many are failing to do the works that are required to get there. He likens the eventuality of that person reaching their goal to one being on a journey having no map or well-thought-out plan The book summarizes the story of Jacob and his lineage.

It's the story of each of his sons and their tribes with all of their inheritance—also, the blessings that Moses bestowed upon each of the t Read More Small Farm in the Swamp Enjoy a nostalgic trip back in time to the 's and travel with the Schnellert family and neighbors through a series of short stories that chronicle the struggles and hardships, triumphs and joys of life in the Beausejour, Glenmoor, and Overwater areas of rural Manitoba. These narratives, told wi Lewis recommended I walk, get out of the house, read, exercise, or write.

He said, "Write about what you see, what you hear, people making fools of themselves, good people, bad people, funny people, coworkers—people in general. He's a Christian in compromise who needs to learn that submission to Christ is the only way out of his problems. And problems are what he has in spades: cops he can't or won't trust and who do What if you had the benefit of possessing the intelligence and the maturity that you now have but you could go back and make different choices, travel different roads, pursue o Read More Counting Coup Ex-cop and Native American private investigator Noel Two Horses is hired by a well-to-do madame to help clear her decorated Navy corpsman kid-brother who has been recently discharged from the Navy and is now framed for the murder of a Phoenix, Arizona stripper.

Two Horses soon discovers he ne Follow Yokey the Yoga Monkey and his friends on a fun journey to nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Read More The Lost Dreams The Lost Dreams is a story about how a young girl grew up watching the women around her and how hey interacted with the men in their lives.

The main character, Susie, had a preconceived idea of how life should turn out. Susie thought that by doing all she could do with her family, everybody would en Read More Washed Away At on an unseasonably cool, partly cloudy afternoon in late September , the cement dam located a mile above the mill town of Austin, Pennsylvania, gave way, unleashing a wall of water cascading down the narrow valley toward the town and sweeping away everything in its path with the explosiv Read More Haters Going to Hate Haters—we all have them, and not only that, but sometimes your biggest hater could be your closest friend.

People sometimes can pretend very well. I never gave anyone a reason to hate me. People sometimes create their own little drama out of jealousy. You shouldn't ever let other people's opinions Read More Revenge Although "He" enjoyed playing the game and tried to avenge his beautiful daughter's death, Phillip's plan failed. First, he stalked Samantha and purposely put her into a state of emotional anguish. Then he got Jill, Samantha's best friend and office assistant, involved so there was no way out for Ji A mixture of free verse and traditional poetr Read More The Strange, Lethal Friend Jim Standish, a certifiable tough guy, had been given a medical discharge by his government and was floating through life.

While saving a co-worker's life, he lost his low-stress job and befriended a lethal AI robot who could and would quietly kill anyone it distrusted. Read More Closure Has Come, Goldman Sachs You heard about my book, you saw me on the front cover just a few seconds ago, you're debating in your mind right now whether you should read it or not. You are on the internet or standing at Barnes and Noble ready to make your decision.

This is my first autobiography, which took me six months to ty He speaks to him—surprising because Walter is a human and Teek is a ground squirrel. As the now aging Walter revisits the canyon of his boyhood days, he slips off the trail, rolls down a steep slope and into Teek's world. Regaining c Read More Ambitious Love This book basically talks about every emotion people go through life in a relationship. Just like a river, it doesn't always flow smoothly; eventually you will come across obstacles. But if you truly are happy with the one you are sharing your life with then this is worth the journey, and most of us She is not one to ask deep or abstract questions.

She never spends any considerable quantity of time contemplating the metaphysical or searching for underlying answers. Though her family has secrets, she is content to let sleeping dogs lie Read More Boy Interrupted Imagine you are five years old. You haven't started kindergarten, and your only knowledge of the outside world are those trips to the park where your nanny, Bella, lets you swing as high as you want and teeter-totter and jungle gym to your little heart's content.

Or when your sweet mother shows up b Read More The Chip A society plagued by terrorism and the sinister hunt for an innocent boy intensifies. The agents Dr. Warren hired to track down Stanley Ross was relentless in their pursuit. Unbeknown to Warren, these agents hold some unworldly secrets of their own. Like all real villains of our world, if you Happiness and sadness. Tragedy and joy. These never change. A look back in time when life was slower and less complicated.

There was a respect for law and order and for each other. Amid all the negativity surrounding the police nowadays, I am just trying to shed some light on the tru She is a hero to the people of River Junction. As the acting detective, she is the one everybody turns to, but when she stumbles upon a woman in need of her help, she realizes that she may not be as powerful as she thought. When she turns to t Read More My California Nightmare My California Nightmare was written to make people aware and show them that our criminal justice system is not run honestly in California, like it should be.

From the police who can make up anything and arrest you to the district attorneys who can go along with these rogue police. Because this scena A powerful interdimensional demon that cannot be destroyed. Haunting flashbacks of the battle against Null. With the help of new friends and the powerful Praetorian, will Jacob and his friends be This essay proposes that the exclusion of Read More No More Pie in the Shop Mishaps and miscommunication lead to messy chaos in the music shop with an abundance of flying pie.

Complete with funny illustrations and comical text, No More Pie in the Shop is a hilarious and fun children's book. This story is an early comedy for young readers that will tickle their funny bone. She's had some success teaching piano to make ends meet. Even so, life is a struggle. It grows worse when her repugnant landlord, Homer Barnes, makes unwelcome advan This children's book is for ages two to ten, maybe even for some adults, considering it's a story with a moral.

The story is heavily themed on nature, and the beauty that there is to behold in the world Griswall Island has been family-owned for generations.

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Many years ago, mysterious occurrences have happened that the townspeople dare not talk about, which started back in the year between two men. Two men committed a crime that they are about to r Harold and Darby have fun all summer long. Then school starts. Even though blood is thicker than water, no one can choose family members, we can only choose our friends Read More Compassion.

What can improve our world? Throughout my sixty-five years on this earth, I saw and experienced something that has, does, and will work. A book about living an abundant life and helping others to do the same without spending a dime. Looking back, the offspring of James DeWitt and Cla Read More Revenge Revenge - in the course of human conduct and journey of life, is an act of retaliation instituted by a person of victimization. Commissions of the act often culminate in the crime of murder Read More As Friendly as a Thistle Weed Janna Clemens, the lucky winner of a twenty-million-dollar lottery prize, left her job as a human resources manager and embarked on a journey that she thought would take her on a tour of the countryside.

Since she had finished high school, Janna had longed to travel to different parts of the Read More Terrycloth Fabrications In each of these tales, friendship is formed or enhanced through kindness, creativity, and ambition. A surprise joyous ending is a happy reward for the characters.

Everything is fixed by two birds who ca Read More Blind Psychosis Kendal never had the desire to be with another man after the death of her husband, Jack, until the mysterious Cyrus Moretti came into her life. With his strong defined features, penetrating eyes, framed with perfect brows that are the windows to his heart and soul. What is behind those eyes? Can Ken Read More Kick Nicotine Much has been written about the dangers of smoking, but little attention is given to the fact that the real problem is nicotine.

Nicotine addiction through vaping, smoking, chewing, or what have you is an epidemic worldwide with dozens of often fatal impacts on humans and particularly the young. It shows the reader how to do this through examples from the author's dream journals. A framework for understanding dreams is presented in the first few chapters, illustrated by examples.

After that, any chapter may be Read More Leading From Where You Are Within the pages of this book, the author takes you on a journey as to how she learned and developed leadership. Along that journey, she learned some key lessons about leadership and being a leader. Throughout this book, the author shares some of those lessons with the reader. One of those key lesso The author, diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in March , employs humor to share valuable information on how to deal with the disease.

The book demonstrates the value of having a Read More Reflections in the Abyss Eight tales of horror pulled from the deepest depths of the abyssal layers of hell. Stroll through an unreturnable path in "Death's Garden. You just need Along with their two assistants and another couple, friends who are wildlife photographers, they experience the shock wave of A unique gift given to my mother with love and hope. I only wanted to help us heal, to give her something that could help fill the emptiness his death had made. I never imagined this gift would cost me more than money.

What secrets lie hidd Read More The Truth Bird The Truth Bird is a science fiction tale of two teenage boys, Sam and David, who were born with special powers, one of which is the gift of flying through space in their dreams. One day during a flight, they meet the star god, Giorgio, who befriends them and gives them the gift of physical flight. Read More Air Force Baby The story of a spirited mare who battled life until she wound up in this backyard surrounded by love and like spirits. Baby's story is written in the classic style of Charlotte's Web and the movie Babe.

The animals tell the story, with the chief storyteller being a wise hen named Roseanne. Read More Consciousness. This book is a product of my desire to come to grips with the death of my son Darryl by suicide nine years ago. Separations and losses are ubiquitous on a daily basis from birth to death. They can be big or small, real or imagined, anticipated or historical. Though we would all like to belie Over two and a half months' time, she meets and is courted by a sixty-year-old single male, Will Talbot. Their pat The lives of its people were once again returning to the normal round after another one of King Guezo's warring campaigns.

The campaign had been waged some eighty miles north of Abomey against the Attahpahm people Read More Accidental Suicide The ultimate betrayal of a husband and father that destroys a whole family has everyone in the small community of Kingsmill wondering what went wrong. Detective Krista Wilkins must find the answer to why a seemingly loved by all mother of three children, Susan Singleton, is dead.

Susan fled t Read More A Wish for the Princess To the blessing of each child born and the miracle of our triplets. It is for his glory and honor. Without his help, we cannot make it in this world Read More Proving Noah's Flood This book will help rewrite earth's history, geoscience, and most sciences across the board. I hope to inspire a new way of thinking with new knowledge this book gives by tying in ancient histories with many sciences.

This changed written knowledge and ties in ancient history with the science of geo Read More Confessions of an Old Man My book covers my life and times and is replete with confidences and revelations both political and personal. This was an alien research vessel collecting rare and exotic life forms from around the galaxy, not all perished in the crash.

Two exotic aquatic life forms survived and fled off into the night and flourished in our f Old George is lying in a pool of blood She's in front of her home kneeling at a bed of roses when she discovers one of the roses is not looking so well and it saddens her when she thinks the rose knows it's not going to make it His priority was finding other places to be than at "home," a place never referred to as such in the book.

Voss's book is, however, not about abuse, but rather the friends Hiding deep inside each and every one of us there is a terrified and trembling child who never had a voice. Read More Lessons from the Teacher Lessons from the Teacher is a compilation of experiences, observations, and lessons that I have been participating in and exposed to for over thirty years of being a teacher.

Can we do better? We can all do better. We can focus on our students' learning, because they deserve that. They deserve to le Read More There is a Battleship in My Milkshake Duncan could hardly wait until the two people he most admired and would spoil him to no end to arrive. To his surprise, when he walked into the kitchen for breakfast, Gramps and Granny were already there. After breakfast, Duncan told Gramps what his teacher said about the fact that there is a lot of Read the book and find out how socks made being on time fun Read More Resilient One man's life adventures, trials, and successes.

An Arabian horse breeder, multiengine pilot, steel worker, business owner of a roofing company, marathoner, triathlete, champion racquetball player, and swimming coach. He is an inspiration to young and old alike. He qualified on a diesel subm Read More Inspirations Everyone needs to be inspired to live a more meaningful life.

Understanding the reason for living is important as we go through each day and night. These inspirations, poems, pondering will uplift you to have a better life, make you feel closer to Jesus, my Christ. Give you an insight to love, truth His imagination sometimes gets him in trouble. Henry's mom told him it is okay to use his imagination for fun.

Henry has many imaginary friends. Only Henry can see these friends. In Henry's Day at the Farm, you will read about ways that Henry uses Read More Conversation with a Computer Concerning Telepathy The recent reports of the twenty Americans in Cuba, in China too, who have suffered the effects of temporary concussions from audio and microwave signals reminds me of the telepathic hit I received in the s. I've thus drawn the following conclusions:.

Telepathic controls are actually t Picture any average or typical autobiography, now subtract all the fluff-filled jargon that takes forever to materialize. Instead, replace it with individually themed sh We must leav Read More A Frog Hollow Childhood Once upon a simpler time, a child's fun included an intense interaction within its environment, whether on a bus to a beach, swimming lessons in a city pool, or working tobacco fields.

Interaction was also between machinery and the processes that made things function such as an icebox, iron furnace, Located in the smack-dab center of a New Mexico City, The Orchard introduces new characters—human and an One hundred and fifty years ago a new island appeared miles off the coast of California. It is a very large island, almost two and a half times the size of California. Its shape is roughly that of a snarling lion head. It is very rich and fertile. Soon after it was d One that lives in your tree? This dragon would love to spend all day playing with you! Dragonpuss Apple McGee is the perfect playmate!

He'll pester you and nudge you and even help you with your chores, just to get you to play with him in his tree Read More Run Phillip Run Who hasn't watched a football game and envisioned yourself achieving that lofty goal as a young person? I loved to play sports, and I felt like I was good at it. I loved making that touchdown or shooting the lights out on the basketball court.

I was a fairly good baseball player, and I could run lik Lumaj's compelling narrative takes you through a whirlwind of suspense and excitement—all while laying out a unique vision on how to defeat the rise of social Gourmet meals in a minute, or if you don't want a gourmet meal, have a snack in minutes. Let's say the game is on and you look at the fridge and the cupboard and everything seems so blah.

Throw these blah things into a microwave oven toget Read More Mommy Dots The story is about children with a mom that has "supersecret mommy dot" powers. As they gradually find out throughout the story, all kids are born with a "mommy dot" on their foreheads that only moms can see. The colors on their mommy dot change to red if they are lying, yellow if they are trying to Read More Deficiencies Which Lead to the Demise of a Healthcare Organization Declining businesses and poor operational management practices can be attributed to internal and external factors.

From the maintenance of quality service standards to the financial, social, and political aspects, there are many deficiencies responsible for the demise of an organization. The ability He finally finds his niche back in private business, only to be pulled back into the shadows in pr The book gives an accurate history of health insurance in the United States and how we got to where we are today—describes how health care has become our biggest industry an Read More Mr.

Lollypop Makes a Friend Mr. Flapjack Lollypop from the town of Sugarton is on his way to the post office. He sees a blind cat attempting to cross a street.

Heathers Mommy Has Two Identities: A Guide for Children of Crimefighters
Heathers Mommy Has Two Identities: A Guide for Children of Crimefighters
Heathers Mommy Has Two Identities: A Guide for Children of Crimefighters
Heathers Mommy Has Two Identities: A Guide for Children of Crimefighters
Heathers Mommy Has Two Identities: A Guide for Children of Crimefighters
Heathers Mommy Has Two Identities: A Guide for Children of Crimefighters

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