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They are pierced with gates and incorporate 26 towers in all. Above the balcony is a grand tower with clock, belfry and weathervane, its pitched roofs gaily tiled in red and green stripes right. It hosts concerts and expositions.


The rose window is lovely, and the inner recesses feature amazing gold altars above. You can see the foundations of what may have been the forum, and insulae apartments. A few broken pillars have been propped up, but many of the stones have been removed over the centuries. Even so, it would have held about 2, people, and today is sometimes the venue for special concerts. Hundreds of people at a time make their way along the cavernous path, where artfully lit rock formations and lakes conjure up marvellous imagery.

Gorgeous peacocks roam around. Top 10 Features Colourful rock formations Allow time to stroll around the garden and visit the aquarium either before or after your tour of the grottoes. A snack bar on-site sells sandwiches, olives and drinks. The path is smooth and even, and no guide speaks, so that visitors have the opportunity to contemplate the scale and beauty of the place in peace. There are also deep ravines, at the bottom of which you can see crystalline, impossibly aquamarine and turquoise pools.

Exit Visitors exit by foot de Acuario Mallorca past the Lake of the Grand Duchess of Tuscany and Chamber of the Columns to the Vestibule, which is a funnellike tunnel leading back up to the surface. A short walk from the caves brings you to a surprisingly good aquarium. Crevices, chasms, planes and spaces are highlighted to maximize the effects of chiaroscuro and depth right.

Prehistory Neolithic pastoral societies have formed by at least BC. Conquest Carthaginian Various peoples, including the Greeks, use the island as a trading post. However, the absence of metal ores deters further colonization until the Carthaginian Empire spreads to this part of the Mediterranean in the 7th century BC. So destructive is their takeover that few traces of the Romans are left. From faraway Constantinople, Emperor Justinian rules the islands as part of the province of Sardinia.

They enjoy this Byzantine connection until the end of the 7th century, then become more or less independent, with close ties to Catalonia. Rome is victorious in BC and establishes order for the next years. Roads and towns are built and, in AD , Mallorca and its neighbouring islands are established as the province of Balearica. Through a succession of dynastic changes, they hold on for the next years and forcibly convert all the inhabitants to Islam. The city falls to him on 31 December, after three months. Top 10 Historical Figures!

Belisarius Count Byzantine general who defeated the Vandals here in Jaume III is killed during a feeble attempt to retake his kingdom. The islands become an outpost of little importance, ushering in centuries of decline. Graves Robert The 20th-century English writer, scholar and poet put Mallorca on the international literary map see p Do not hike between the cliffs in winter see also p The scale of the scene, with its delicate formations and colours, is amazing, and the sense of solitude undisturbed, even by the usual crowds you will encounter here.

The tunnel-like path from Cala Calobra was carved out in You can go out to the lighthouse on its cape of sheer rock, or check out the pristine coves that lie lined up to the north and south, including Cala Agulla, Son Moll, Sa Pedrusca and Sa Font de sa Cala. The drive out to the lighthouse is unforgettable see pp28—9. It incorporates a full range of island terrains, from wooded hills to sandy dunes, as well as an assortment of rural structures. Come here for hiking, birdwatching, picnicking, swimming or simply getting a feel for old Mallorca see p Seagulls that exist at present.

Hunted to extincsummer, include tion by their natural enemies on the main island, the latter still stonechats, thrive on the smaller islets off warblers, the shore, especially Cabrera. These include the time immemorial. Olives can reach Balearic cyclamen, giant orchids great age more than 1, years and the delicate bee orchid. They can also Spring and early summer are the take on disturbingly anthropomortime to see them in all their phic forms — the 19th-century colourful bounty, but autumn writer George Sand, in her book also can be good. Nearby Peguera has the nightlife see p Most of the restaurants and shops are on the south side of the port, with a posh sailing club on the north.

The water is azure and lapis, with touches of emerald, but the only beach is tiny. The lone restaurant, Es Port, is a treat see p The beach is shingle, and the water is very clear. Getting down to it by car is the usual routine of narrow switchbacks. Charming to walk around and admire the slopes dotted by villas, or maybe just use as your base to vist the entire area. Many retired foreigners have made the town their home see also p The resort hotels and nightlife venues cater to both young and old.

Still, the beaches are good, some of the restaurants excellent and the nightlife nonstop see also p Platja At the height of the holiday season, this 5-km 3-mile long beach near the airport becomes exceptionally busy. The third is down a hill, with a broader beach and more of a singles atmosphere see p Many people come here with the sole purpose of catching a boat to nearby Cabrera see p , which, according to Pliny, was the birthplace of the famous Carthaginian leader, Hannibal. The unspoiled views here are among the very best on the island see also p To see vacation homes at Ses Covetes what this coast used to be like, see p Tiny islands, intimate coves, rocky cliffs and rolling hillsides are accentuated with attractive villas and a scattering Ses Illetes of exclusive hotels.

Port Portals marina is the summer home of the jet-set. A knowledgeable guide will show you around. Perhaps because of the abundant vegetation, the air seems fresher here than elsewhere on the island. You can swim here, too. In summer, you. Then take a boat to the other side and continue your exploration see pp32—3.

You can hire the equipment from various establishments along the beaches. Snorkelling Virtually all the tranquil coves around the island are ideal for snorkelling, with plenty of rocks and hidden recesses to explore. A favourite is the cove down from Estellencs see p Other Watersports Paragliding and jetskiing are popular. Given the challenges most people experience when driving in Mallorca, it takes a bit of nerve to negotiate the same roads on two wheels.

There are some 18 major golf courses scattered all around the island. The killing, albeit executed according to strictly ceremonious guidelines, can be bloody and pathetic, so be warned. Spring and autumn are optimal times to visit, when migratory birds use Mallorca as a staging post between Europe and Africa.

The isolated islands of Sa Dragonera and Cabrera see p are also excellent. Real Mallorca has enjoyed considerable success in recent years, and, in any case, attending a match can be a fun, highspirited, and good-humoured way to see the locals participating in the game they love the best. Red markers take you up to a mirador and a high plateau before dropping back down through a wooded valley. A shorter route is signposted beside the cemetery on the Sant Elm—Andratx road.

From here, a series of tracks takes you up to a pass and View from Sa Calobra 48 Since most of the island remains undeveloped, there are plenty of opportunities to explore off the beaten track Top 10 Peaks Major! It leads to a tiny settlement, where you can explore the dazzling beauties of the box canyon created over aeons by surging torrents see p Its stark, rocky prominence provides a powerful landmark for miles around see p Even the 15th-century church belfry was used as a place of refuge, as were most towers on the island see also p English poet and writer Robert Graves and his artistic friends certainly thought so, bringing international fame to this really rather modest town.

If you want to climb up to the castle, drive up to Es Verger restaurant and proceed on foot: the ascent takes about 45 minutes and the view is marvellous see p All that ended at the end of the 19th century, when phylloxera wiped out the vines, but wineries are making a comeback these days, producing good reds see p The Gordiola Glassworks see p Only part of that wall remains but it gives the place a certain character.

For this reason, the town has attracted a large number of foreign dwellers, who have turned it into a rather cosmopolitan, well-kept place compared with nearby towns. Check out the art galleries on the main square see also p The town spends a whole year preparing for the event, in which hundreds of youths dress up. However, closer examination reveals elements from even earlier sources. The columns, each one different, were doubtlessly taken from an ancient Roman building see p The many watercourses are a distinctly Moorish touch, as well as the little oasis-like groves of trees encircling pools, where you can sit and enjoy the fresh air and the music of gurgling rivulets see pp24—5.

It proved to be virtually impregnable — conquered only after extremely long sieges, with its unfortunate defenders eventually being starved out. The Christians refurbished the old structure and continued to use it for centuries see p The battered ruins we see today, high above the sea on a barren crag, are the remains of medieval embellishments made by Jaume I. Little more than a few original Roman columns and foundations remain in Capocorb Vell situ — after being burned by Vandals in AD , the antique structures were dismantled to help create the new town see p30— It is called a columbarium dovecote because it resembles a pigeon house, with small openings lined up in rows see p The defensive wall, composed of huge square blocks, is an example of the Mediterranean Cyclopean style — so-named by later cultures who believed that only a giant like the Cyclops could have built such a structure see p The central round towers are the oldest elements here; around them is an encirling wall and square towers to complete the defensive complex see p Castell One of just a handful of round castles in the world, and impeccably preserved, this building conjures up images of damsels in distress and bold knights galloping to the rescue.

In fact, its history is more prosaic — it was a prison for enemies of the crown for hundreds of years see pp12— You can climb up into the stone structure and stand on the topmost level, just as watchmen must have done in the dark centuries when Mallorca was subject to almost incessant attack by North African brigands see also p It was demoted to merely a watchtower, and, in the early 18th century, abandoned altogether. Now the island it stone carvings, a decorative door oversees is a nature preserve, and coffers. Castell de Capdepera Another wonderful Mallorcan fortress that epitomizes the fairytale castle.

The approach is a pleasure in itself, as you pass fragrant plants and rocky outcrops, and the views are memorable. At this height, the wind howls, and the views are like those from a helicopter. The road to it is perilous, too see p It was built in the 14th century right into the cliffs on the site of a ruined Arab fortress. The view takes in everything from Cabrera to the Cap de Formentor. You can drive here or walk, ideally from the equally imposing, nearby Santuari de Sant Salvador see p The vast space and riches inside are also unforgettable see pp8—9.

It has a small archaeological museum. A thick fog promptly settled in, confounding the pirates. It is housed in a quaint Gothic chapel within the famous castle at Capdepera see p Part of a former monastery, this 14th-century hilltop church overlooks the small agricultural village of Porreres. The setting is a wonderful venue for special concerts sponsored by the town, featuring internationally known talents.

Most on the island. It rebuild the church that had been was remote then and remains destroyed years before by relatively so today. Bring a picnic. The monastery, much of Serra see p , before he left which is fairly modern, houses a on a mission to California. The library and study centre. There sanctuary was built in the 17th are other hermitages lower down century as an act of thanksgiving the hill see next entry. The forecourt set on a ledge in a cliff above a has panoramic views. Museu Palma Housed in the former Episcopal Palace, this treasure trove contains archaeological artifacts, ceramics, coins, books and paintings spanning the 13th to 16th centuries.

They usually close on Mondays. Today, it is open to all, and the home of eccentric modern sculpture. However, only a fraction of his collection remains in the gardens; the rest now adorns the Castell de Bellver in Palma see pp12— His old mansion near Cala Rajada, built in , has lavish grounds incorporating water gardens, pine woods and fruit groves. Marineland Children love the displays of dolphins, seals and sea lions showing off their acrobatic and aquatic skills. Kids can also swim in a pool of gentle rays, which feel like velvety gelatine. Parents can relax in the garden areas.

Highlights include horseriding shows, cowboys-andIndians battles and can-can dancers. Facilities include a playground for the younger ones see p For more sedate moments, play a round on the miniature golf course see p To watch it being made at this out-of-the-way spot is worth the trip in itself, plus you can buy bolts of fabric and readymade items see p Countless outlets offer buttery leather jackets, supple handbags, trendy shoes and a host of other stylish items see p For shopping tips see p Top 10 Markets Daily Markets! Palma Passeig de la Rambla for country market is like.

Alomar Villalonga. Pearls, leather and lace are among the goods on offer. Watch the glassblowers engaged in their dangerous art, spend an hour in the museum upstairs, and at least another hour browsing through the vast warehouse shops with their prodigious output of beautiful glassware see p In summer they offer a programme of concerts from classical to jazz.

Smart dress. The vivacious young woman who runs the spacious place is very talented at dreaming up new theme nights that manage to appeal to just about everyone in town — at least to all those who enjoy bopping the night away see p The decor is minimalist white with dashes of red and the sounds played by the resident DJ are laid-back cool. The friendly staff are Scandinavian, Dutch, English, German and other nationalities, and they all do their best to create a fun atmosphere.

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The place is open to the street at one end, so there always seems to be something happening or about to happen. Bar Status is a relaxed, welcoming bar catering to a slightly older crowd. It is a good place to start the night, and the friendly staff will happily give tips on where to go. Pub girls, although it does attract a mixed crowd.

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Low, mellow music and a chilled-out atmosphere make it the perfect spot to get together with friends. The crowd is young and pretty but exclusively female.

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It may with garlic then also contain rice or smeared with fresh pasta for added body. Seafood tomato, drizzled with olive oil Other soups common and sprinkled with salt. To this paella on the island are concoctions basic recipe, you can add of vegetables and mixed meats, whatever you please — usually often seasoned with garlic. Seasoning consists mainly of garlic. Mallorca is now enjoying a Vi de la Casa decided upswing in its wine production, and you can generally depend on the house wines to be very good. Canya Canya is the term to use in a bar when you want them to pull you a draught beer; for a large one ask for a jerra.

A cured favourite is salted cod. Omelettes, possibly with prawns, are also common. Drinks, snacks and full meals are served here. Abaco, Many can hardly believe their eyes when they first find this gorgeous place, set in the courtyard of a period townhouse. Candlelit, full of fresh flowers and fruit, and with the delightful touch of tropical birds in the magical garden, it is surely the best place in the world to have a drink see p Stylish retro decor, excellent music and a breezy terrace.

It is mellow by day but heats up at night. Internet access is also available. LaTheBoveda, place to come for the very best tapas in Palma. The fresh pasta of herbs and summer mushrooms with a light Mahon cheese and basil sauce is typically good see p Dishes might include roasted duck with mango sauce, braised potato slices and perfectly al dente green beans. The setting, in eleof creative excellence — every gant medieval rooms and terraces bite is pure pleasure see p Prepared by a top Swedish chef, dishes such as loin of lamb with dried apricots and a crispy vegetable roll are a must.

The town and harbour are full of life, with bars and restaurants busy with locals and tourists alike. Cathedral Dominating the entire port, Palma Cathedral known as Sa Seu is a glowing man-made mountain of sandstone. This would have been the tepidarium, the lukewarm room; there would have also been a hot room and a cold plunge. Around the Island — Palma and the jasper sarcophagus of Jaume II, which stood in the cathedral until The palace itself, which is built around a large courtyard, adjoins the city walls.

See also p On display are items from various churches in Mallorca as well as a selection of majolica tiles. Standing in front of the basilica is a statue of Junipero Serra, a Franciscan monk and native of Mallorca, who was sent to California in and founded Los Angeles and San Francisco. It stands at the top of the gracious Passeig des Born, which was created in the 19th century on a dried-up riverbed.

Finally, stroll up the Born and have a snack at Bar Bosch p92 on the square where you started, or head to a restaurant for a more substantial lunch p The buildings are now privately owned. Has scents and sunglasses, too. Jaume III, 1, forest of sausages!

ElLocated directly on the water. Have tapas with your drink, or be tempted by the set menu of the day. Live music. Illy coffee, juices, milkshakes and sandwiches are available. Expect to wait a bit. Fresh juices include maracuya passion fruit , mango, red papaya and guava. Closing time is when the last customer leaves. Lunch is served indoors, in stately rooms.

Try the lemon risotto with gambes prawns or the rack of lamb with artichokes. An extensive menu includes fried artichokes, fresh oysters and tumbet vegetable stew. Sa Experience a complete crosssection of traditional Mallorcan life at this fully restored, noble country estate see pp16— The Cardinal was an antiquarian and so adorned his Italianate estate with Classical statuary to complement the grand Neoclassical staircase.

The parterres are beautifully laid out in the Italian taste of the day, with not only Classical touches such as fountains and a belvedere, but also picturesque medieval references. Much admired in Mallorca, the archduke is remembered here with a museum devoted to his life and collections. The gardens have been reworked over the centuries, mostly with Gothic and Italian Renaissance touches, but the medley of fountains, terraces and groves is still essentially Arabic see pp24—5.

Towering over the town is the modest 18th-century church of Sant Joan Baptista. The adjacent building houses the parish museum; there is also a museum founded by the American archaeologist William Waldren, displaying the prehistory of Mallorca. Thus, the northerly reaches of the island carried out more commerce with France than with Palma. An atmosphere of low-key chic and family fun prevails. Start at Andratx see p98 and take the coast road, C, north. At Estellencs p98 , you can also stop for shopping and refreshment.

At Banyalbufar p98 , note the remarkable terraced hillsides. Head there for lunch and a good look around the mansion and grounds. Silence reigns, except for the lazy sound of goat and sheep bells. The town seems to clutch at its essentially perpendicular setting, with accommodation and dining options making the most of the panorama. According to legend, the Island is visited nightly by dragons. However, its name has more to do with the shape than its popularity with mythical beasts.

A rocky path runs between its two headlands, both marked by lighthouses. Ferries from Sant Elm operate in summer, allowing visitors to disembark on the island and explore it for several hours. Inside its church is a muchcherished 14th-century image of the Virgin in alabaster. Great seafood dishes are served with delicious wholewheat bread see also p Order sangria, fresh orange juice or pa amb oli see p78 in various guises, then sit back and enjoy the view.

Also buy a bag of quelitas tiny, egg-shaped crackers. Sit on the waterfront at one of the best locations on the main drag of the port for people-watching, day or night. Mallorquins, Brodats Banyalbufar d Avda. The views are fantastic, too. The ambience is elegant, and service multilingual. Club Royal is the smartest of its three branches. Beachfront restaurant with sea and cliff views. The melon soup, tuna carpaccio and seafood cannelloni are all wonderful see also p Save room for delicious home-cooked desserts. The zabaglione is to die for. Try the stuffed artichokes and for dessert the gato de almendras almond tart.

The paella is also recommended. The music focuses on the latest hits. Ask for una canya a beer on tap. Cool, jazzy music and rum drinks a speciality. Locals and foreign visitors mingle till the early hours. This beautiful but bleak ravine has been known since ancient times, as evidenced by the Talayot pillar that has been left as a silent sentinel. Several reservoirs have been created nearby see also p Climbing the seemingly endless set of steps in all , you pass the Stations of the Cross.

The statue is carried around town on Good Friday, in a moving torchlight procession. Over the centuries, the typically tawnyhued stone complex has been home to both nuns and monks, but now, although still Church property, only overnight guests use the cubicles see p Explore the mountains on foot if you can, so as to smell wild rosemary, listen to sheep bells, breathe in pure air and marvel at pine trees growing out of red rocks.

A large community of foreign residents, mostly retired British, have made it their permanent home. The remaining marshes, overgrown with reeds, can be explored via marked trails. A major conservation project, this is an excellent place for birdwatching see also p It is closed on Mondays. Walk north a couple of blocks and pop into Antik I Art p , a wonderful antiques shop.

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After your tour, have lunch at either the interesting La Tetera p or the famous La Fonda p Stop for refreshment at the restaurant here. The journey via the steep, winding road is also memorable see p This canyon is the second largest in the Mediterranean, and the point at which it exits into the sea is spectacular. However, hiking in the canyon can be dangerous, especially after rain see also p It houses a revered icon and a vibrant Baroque altarpiece. The tour lasts about 45 minutes and is less crowded than other cave tours. You can get drinks and snacks, and hang out well into the night.

Computers with internet access make it a pleasant place to check emails. Enjoy a glass of their excellent wine selection on the small, outdoor terrace. The traditional ceramic whistles are featured, as well as olive-wood carvings, and a special line of leather masks by Calimba of Palma.

Smartly dressed waiters set the tone. Fish is the speciality, but the menu of new international fare is huge. No need to book. The select menu changes regularly and features typical Mallorcan specialties. Shy away from the hot dogs and pizzas in favour of the local dishes. Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine is on offer, such as hummus, tabouleh and tajines along with pizzas, salads and tapas.

The entertainment is usually suitable for families but check in advance to be sure. Make it the place for drinks before hitting the discos all night long. Weekly bingo and pub quizzes make it popular with ex-pats. Party nights include Latin, African and Roman Toga see also p Bar Cloud 9 is a family-friendly bar with a games room offering darts, pool and cards. Capdepera You can glimpse this castle from miles away, its rickrack form sprawling appealingly around the crest of its sizeable hill. Inside are several rooms and an atalaia watchtower ; and the entire settlement is surrounded by a Cyclopean drystone wall.

Another early visitor was Jules Verne, whose book Journey to the Centre of the Earth is said to have been inspired by them see also p You get a guided tour and a concert see also p Founded in the 14th century, and remodelled in the 18th century, the scanctuary is an important place of pilgrimage. The view includes the southeastern coast of Mallorca. As in other former monasteries, visitors are allowed to stay in basic rooms see p Country lanes and easy trails provide access. The Villa Sirena is perched on the promontory see p The amazing Cyclopean walls, reaching 4 m 13 ft in places, would have served as protection, but little more is known about the function of the rooms or the lives of the ancient inhabitants.

A rocky, bare place and virtually uninhabited, it nevertheless has a rich history. It served as a prison camp during the Napoleonic War and was used as a base by Barbary pirates. It was designated a national park in Afternoon Around the Island — Southeast Coast This itinerary, incorporating driving and walking, will take a full day. Cala Figuera is further south. Stroll around its woods-encircled harbour and browse around the gift shops.

Day-trippers come for the nearby Coves del Drac see pp32—3 , aquarium p33 and Auto-Safari p The streets near the church are the focus of a lively Wednesday market. Next door is a museum with a collection of offertory bowls. It has found a new lease of life as a resort favoured by Spanish visitors. Ice creams, snacks and full meals available see also p The refurbished interior has marble tabletops and archways, and outside you can watch the local action in the main square. They also carry anodized aluminium jewellery. Enjoy a view of the marina while you partake of a traditional Mallorcan meal.

Also pizza, vegetable dishes and Mallorcan food.

Top 10 Mallorca (DK Eyewitness Travel Guide)

The decor is a nice mix of traditional and contemporary design. Along with the top wines, try such delights as quail with balsamic cherries and sour cream. There are drinks including drinking chocolates , pastries, tapas and daily specials. On the same street are other bars whose names reveal their nationality. The main room has a big TV, bar and tables, while the terrace has views of the entire port. There is also a quieter room with table football. The annex below is the El Faro wine bar, and all of it is part of a white stucco complex of trendy shops and restaurants. Music tends towards hits of the day, with occasional live acts.

People argue whether the mountains or coast represents the real Mallorca, but the true heart of the island is surely to be found in the villages here, which make few concessions to tourism. Inca is also now dominated by known for its traditionChurch, Binissalem centuries-old stone al cuisine, including mansions very much caracoles snails , and worth a stroll around. Sa Pobla In recent years, after a century or Perhaps the most impressive so of decline, its reputation has thing about this agricultural town again been on the rise, as eviis its cemetery, which has unudenced by the important winery sually beautiful monuments.

Otherwise, the area, this town is situated on a place is fairly low key. It has a pleasant, tree-lined approach, a charming Muro central square and several good A pleasant, sleepy town full restaurants. The adjacent belfry has Inca, the last stop on the wonderful views see p Aged 54, the pioneering Franciscan monk travelled to America and Mexico and after many arduous journeys on foot, founded missions in California.

The town makes the most of its famous son, and all places associated with Serra are well marked. These include a humble building in Carrer Barracar Alt where Serra was born. These ingenious devices have been used in the Mediterranean since at least the 7th century. Now replaced by motorized pumps, most stone windmills have fallen into disrepair and decrepitude. However, in the zone between Palma, Algaida and Llucmajor, ecology-minded farmers have installed modern metal windmills. At the end of the street in which the Serra family house stands is the 17th-century monastery of Sant Bernat.

A series of Majolica panels down a side street next to the monastery are a gift from grateful Californians and pay tribute to the monk. The Ermita de Sant Miquel see p61 is nearby, offering good views. Demonstrations of traditional methods are part of the tour, and you can see historic breeds of Mallorcan farm animals. Next, cut down to Porreres and take the road from there to Llucmajor. Be sure to stop off along the way for a walk around the quaintly picturesque grounds of the Finca Son Sama.

Finally, just to the west of Algaida, take a prolonged tour of the Gordiola Glassworks, with its superb museum and shop. Els Calderers Take care when driving on the narrow roads in this region. Prices are slightly lower than elsewhere in town. Tablecloths and other furnishings are sold see also p Follow the billboards featuring a huge foot. You can take a brief factory tour and browse through the large shop.

Then enter the large showroom, usually thronged with avid buyers. The glass-cored gems come in every colour and setting imaginable. Price Categories For a three-course meal for one with half a bottle of wine or equivalent meal , taxes and extra charges. The food is close to perfect. The place has an ancient, rustic feel see also p The tasting menu is excellent. Climate Mallorca has mild, humid winters, and hot, dry summers.

When to Go Summer is high season in Mallorca. Autumn is thus a better time to visit, when the weather is still great, the water at its warmest and prices lower. Hiking and cycling are best in April. Britons, Americans, Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians need only a valid passport for automatic permission to stay 90 days. All other nationalities must get a visa from their consulate. Most hotels will request your ID card or passport.

Contact them in your home country or, better still, pay them a visit if possible. Signs can be a confusing mixture of both. Many islanders who work in the tourist industry can also speak German and English, and often French, Italian and more. Insurance It is a good idea to take out private medical insurance, even if your country has reciprocal medical arrangements with Spain. Then, should you require treatment while on holiday, you will simply pay for the care, keep the receipts, and be reimbursed according to the terms of your policy. Visitors from the US will have to make the connection somewhere in Europe.

Last-minute places are available, but book ahead in high season. The ride is generally comfortable and offers great previews of the mountainous western coast as you circle around the island to berth at the port of Palma. Buying a return ticket saves money. Inter-island ferries also carry cars, but some must be booked in advance in summer. Hire cars cannot be transferred between islands. Boat Private Marinas are dotted around the Mallorcan coastline, with no spot more desirable than Port Portals near Portals Nous see p44 , where members of the Spanish royal family usually moor their yachts.

Streetsmart Left Palma airport Centre Cruise ship Right Typical hairpin bend on the island Plane Private Except for the odd private landing strip, all planes have to land at Palma airport. Balloon trips are an entertaining option on the east coast see directory.

Buses Mallorca has an extensive network of buses. Palma also has a good urban bus system EMT. Buy tickets on board. The utilitarian Inca train stops everywhere. An unbeatable, pocket-sized guide to Mallorca, packed with insider tips and ideas, colour maps, top 10 lists, and a laminated pull-out map - all designed to help you see the very best of Mallorca.

From the Top 10 beaches and coves to the Top 10 parks and gardens - discover the best of Mallorca with this easy-to-use travel guide. DK Eyewitness. Toggle navigation. In den Warenkorb. Recommendation List. Top Themen List. DK Eyewitness Top 10 Mallorca. Englisch - Dorling Kindersley UK. Ihr Preis:. Um zu Ihren Wunschlisten zu gelangen, loggen Sie sich bitte ein.

Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides) Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides)
Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides) Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides)
Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides) Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides)
Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides) Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides)
Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides) Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides)
Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides) Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides)
Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides) Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides)
Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides) Top 10 Mallorca (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides)

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