Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge

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Brotheridge and Smith's platoons headed for the bridge, while Wood's platoon moved towards the trenches on its north east side. The German defenders however were not on full alert and only two sentries were on duty when the gliders landed. The sound of a gunshot alerted the two sentries on the bridge. As Brotheridge's platoon attacked, one of the defenders ran off shouting "paratroops" while the second fired a flare gun to alert nearby defenders.

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Brotheridge shot him while other members of his platoon cleared the trenches and pillbox with grenades. Alerted by the flare, the German machine gunners opened fire at the men on the bridge, wounding Brotheridge as he threw a grenade.

D-Day Landings

The grenade silenced one of the machine gun positions and another was taken out by Bren gun fire. Number One Platoon crossed the bridge to take up a defensive position on the west bank. The Royal Engineers from No 1 glider searched for explosive charges and cut the fuse wires when they found any. Smith's platoon crossed the bridge next, exchanging fire with the German defenders, whereupon Smith was wounded by a grenade.

Using grenades and Sten gun fire, the platoons cleared the trenches and bunkers.

Horsa Bridge

By German resistance on the west bank of the canal bridge was over. Checking the area, the men of Brotheridge's platoon now realised that their leader was fatally wounded and he soon died of his wounds, becoming the first allied soldier to be killed by enemy action during the invasion.

6th Airborne Division - Operation Mallard - 06/06/1944 - DDay-Overlord

On the east bank Wood's platoon cleared the trenches and bunkers with little opposition. Woods was hit in the leg by machine-gun fire as he ordered the platoon to storm the German defences.

Pegasus Bridge and Merville Battery : Carl Shilleto :

All three platoon commanders at the canal bridge were now either dead or wounded. Brigadier Nigel Poett commanding 5th Parachute Brigade and a small team accompanied them. Disoriented after landing, Poett heard Brotheridge's Sten gun and set off for the bridges with the only man he could locate. Fox's No 5 Horsa was the first to land yards from the river bridge later christened Horsa Bridge at while No 4 was reported missing.

When the Germans opened fire with an MG 34, the platoon responded with a 2-inch mortar and destroyed the gun with a direct hit. They then crossed the bridge without further opposition. Cookie Policy We use cookies on this website to improve your shopping experience, remembering how you like to view the website and to store your shopping basket information. Click to view our privacy policy Accept Decline. Everyday Glassware Presentation Glassware. Add to Basket.

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    4. Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge
      Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge
      Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge
      Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge
      Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge

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