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Sports Info Solutions has developed a way to evaluate baserunning that sets aside stolen bases and overall speed. According to Sports Info Solutions, there are eight different types of good base running plays and 16 types of bad plays — for a more detailed explanation of what constitutes a good and bad baserunning play, head over to Sports Info Solutions.

And what do you know, since the start of the season, Javier Baez has more good baserunning plays than anybody in baseball — by a lot:.


Players make mistakes. They slip-up on the field, and they err off of it as well. Players are human, even the ones with super-human talent. It is that type of instance why we became coaches in the first place- to teach the game we all know and love. In other times, the gaffe has nothing to do with the game.

In those moments, our players need our help in a very similar manner they do in order to get better on the diamond. But instead of helping with a skill by teaching, we help by providing discipline and holding them accountable for not doing the things they are supposed to do. Here in , the concept of discipline is one that comes with controversy. Some believe that punishing a kid for his transgressions potentially limits future opportunities. Discipline is not an old-school versus new-school discussion.

How to Run the Bases in Softball with Mike Candrea

It is a straight-forward, right versus wrong TEAM concept. A player was removed from a game for not running a ball out of the box. In the third inning of a game against the Dodgers, he drove a ball deep to right field, and started his slow, home run trot shortly after contact. The only problem was that this ball did not go out of the ballpark; it hit the wall just short of the seats with the right fielder playing the carom perfectly, setting up a throw to second base.

But there was no play; Acuna had barely reached first. His manager, Brian Snitker, then reached for reserve outfielder Adam Duvall to go into the game for Acuna.

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When asked about his rationale for benching arguably his best player, Snitker spoke matter of factly. A few final notes: — I created my run expectancy values from the seasons. These are the players that benefited most from good baserunning ahead of them.

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These names, when you look at the UBR leaderboard, are pretty obvious. So, although Jason Heyward had ridiculous baserunning numbers, the effect may have just been distributed more evenly among his teammates. Hanley Ramirez, for some odd reason, leads the pack. For reference, take a look at the runners who were on first base when Hanley came up to bat:.

This is just one of the ways in which we can do that.

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Matt — If the hitter himself is a good baserunner he will stretch a single into a double more often and the man on first will have fewer opportunities to score. How a ball is hit and the running ability of the batter are two important factors that UBR does not control for, hence they are showing up in your study as something that should be adjusted out of the batting numbers when they are very much characteristics of the batter.

But my adjRE24 will assume the double was a normal double, which will give the batter credit for however often a runner on first usually scores on doubles. Yeah as Peter mentioned, I could imagine the specifics of the batted ball might explain some of the outlier cases. If Hanley pulls a lot of line drives to left field, no matter how good the baserunners are on first, they are probably not legging it out to third.

I agree that overall this sort of thing would probably even itself out for most players. Great point, Jon. Definitely lots of ways to improve on the approach. More data on where the ball is hit would help a lot for sure.

Base running

Great stuff, Matt! Really loved this! Very interesting. It seems that looking at players taking the extra base could open up these results to that influence. Could you look at how whole teams did compared to the average expectation, then you could possibly find that some third base coaches are more aggressive, while others are more conservative. At least, I always thought that was the case. I guess not, though.

Base Running

Matt, you want to at least separate out the IF hits from the OF ones, if that data is easily available. Also, power hitters will advance runners more often because the OF has to play deep, so by assuming normal BR advances for all player, you are going to shortchange the power hitters and over value the slap hitters.

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When calculating the expected mean rates of advance for each situation, did you consider which field the ball was hit to left, center, right , what type of batted ball grounder, liner, fly or how many outs? Adjusting RE24 for baserunning by Matt Hunter July 25, In , Jason Heyward was worth seven and a half runs on the base paths, independent of his stolen bases and caught stealings. Pierzynski 9.

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Matt is the founder of SaberSim , a daily sports projections and analytics company. Peter Jensen. You can flag a comment by clicking its flag icon.

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