The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized

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This journal hopes to trouble the hegemony of knowledge production, and ensure that our regions and communities play a central role in redefining their own intersections and challenges when it comes to feminist and sexuality research. Feel free to read, share, and use our published material, provided you reference our authors and the journal. Kohl is the powder of the ithmid, or galena stone, mixed with water.

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Feminist Theory and Epistemology

For thousands of years and across the Asian and African continents, both men and women painted their eyelids with this amalgam. It was believed that Kohl protected the eyes and improved the eyesight of its wearer. Inevitably, all are compulsively associated with the penetrating dark eyes, accentuated with abundant kohl. We chose the name Kohl to assert that it is not an exotic accessory. We reclaim its history and the many histories that have been blurred and lost to colonial hegemonies.


Kohl is a new vision on feminism, gender, and the body. Our team gives particular importance to the Arabic language. We consider it to be a legitimate language of knowledge production and intellectual exchange. Therefore, every issue of Kohl will consist of two versions: one in Arabic, and another one in both English and French.

In other words, all the articles accepted for publication will be translated either to Arabic from French and English , or to English from Arabic. Unlike most other academic journals, Kohl Journal welcomes work in progress, provided the papers submitted are complete drafts. We consider promising pieces of writing and acknowledge the fact that privileged forms of academic research are not accessible to everyone.

We offer the authors of the pieces accepted for inclusion the option to work closely with our team via Skype and e-mail. Not only does this process pave the way for continuous collaboration and exchange of ideas, but it strengthens the formation of horizontal and intersectional networks of solidarity across our regions and communities. Arianne Shahvisi is a Kurdish-British academic philosopher.

ISBN 13: 9780791452165

She is a lecturer in ethics at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, where she conducts research across a range of topics in applied philosophy, with current projects focused on reproductive justice, migration and borders, and global health ethics. Arianne has written commentary for the New Statesman, Jacobin, and The Conversation, has featured on BBC Radio and Channel 4 News, and has advised on policy around abortion provision and women's health. Arianne serves as an advisory board member for Kohl, and is science editor for literary magazine The Offing, which seeks out and supports work by those marginalized in literary spaces.

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Khouloud Mahdhdaoui is a journalist, camerawoman and visual activist. She was elected as Women Secretary Alternate of ILGA during the last international submit in Mexico, and she mainly heads many projects, videos and photos, all of which aim to fight against discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. Through her work, she constantly questions and deconstructs the roles and norms imposed on women by various patriarchal societies.

Has Modern American Feminism Failed Us?

Her research interests include sexual and cultural politics in the Levant, militarism, masculinities, and femininities, and the media as sites of hegemony and resistance. She has a professional background in reporting and online media and continues to publish non-academic opinion pieces in various outlets including 7iber.

She teaches courses on feminism, land and labor-based social justice movements around the world.

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Abdulrahim's research focuses on social inequalities and health, the social and cultural meanings of subjective health evaluations, and the structural conditions that influence the wellbeing of labor migrants and refugees. Her previous work has focused on the social determinants of health of Arab immigrants in the United States and migrant domestic workers in the Arab region. Currently, she is undertaking research on the health of Syrian refugee adolescent girls in Lebanon, with an emphasis on reproductive health outcomes and early marriage.

She teaches courses in health promotion theory, forced migration and health, and global public health. Mai Panaga Babker is a Sudanese woman based in Cairo. Mai co-runs the editorial section at the Cairo-based Ikhtyar Feminist Collective. Rola Yasmine is a registered nurse and researcher based in Beirut and working on sexuality and gender and their intersections with other economic sociopolitical determinants.

She is the executive director of the A project www. Her research and teaching interests are in contemporary rhetorical theory and criticism, feminist perspectives on communication, the incorporation of marginalized voices into rhetorical theory and practice, and visual rhetoric. Sonja Foss and her twin sister, Karen A. Foss , also a rhetorical scholar and educator in communication, were born in Portland, Oregon , on January 26, , and grew up in Eugene, Oregon.

Louis University ; Ohio State University ; and the University of Colorado Denver —present , where she served as chair of the Department of Communication from Foss is the author, coauthor, or coeditor of nine books, and she has published over fifty book chapters and essays in communication journals.

Sonja K. Foss - Wikipedia

Foss of the journal Women's Studies in Communication and serves on the editorial boards of various communication journals. Contemporary Perspectives on Rhetoric with Karen A. She often takes a communication theory or concept and asks what it would look like if it were built on different assumptions, different values, different kinds of symbols, or the speaking practices of previously marginalized groups.

When she entered the communication discipline in the s, a period characterized by "womanless communication," there "was nothing in the curriculum about women or feminism.

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Foss's later feminist work has been concerned with transforming "the communication discipline as a result of feminist understandings, insights, and scholarship. The theory of invitational rhetoric, which Foss developed with Cindy L. Griffin, is an example of her reconceptualization work from a feminist perspective. Foss and Cindy L. Foss, is another example of Foss's efforts at reconceptualizing; in this textbook, Foss and Foss present a new model of public speaking that incorporates invitational principles and the speaking practices of marginalized groups.

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Foss, is another example of her reconceptualization efforts. In this article, Foss and Foss propose an alternative to the paradigm of persuasion that characterizes how change traditionally has been conceptualized in the communication discipline. Foss's work on the visual image as communication is another way in which she questions and reconceptualizes communication theories and concepts. When visual images are used as the data of studies, she suggests, theories of communication must be expanded to encompass these different types of symbols.

Foss also assists graduate students and faculty members develop into successful academic writers, helping to demystify the academic writing and publishing process. She is the author, with William Waters, of Destination Dissertation: A Traveler's Guide to a Done Dissertation, in which travel is used as a metaphor for writing a dissertation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. December 10, CU Denver Today. Fall Contemporary Perspectives on Rhetoric. Long Grove, IL: Waveland. Rhetorical Criticism: Exploration and Practice.

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The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized
The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized
The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized
The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized
The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized
The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized The retreat from organization: U.S. feminism reconceptualized

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