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I love to see people succeed in their hopes and dreams. As a pediatric nurse, I am able to break things down to an understandable level and make it fun. Cannot wait to work with you. Hollin V. I have taught and tutored college students at Louisiana Tech University in mathematics ranging from algebra to trigonometry, calculus, and differential equations. I also have experience working for Learning Tech Quest School, a school which focuses on teaching and supporting elementary to middle Yet the necessarily restricted choice of material is excellent, and the volume is a very welcome addition to the literature in this field.

Review by: H S M Coxeter. This work by two disciples of H F Baker naturally retains some of the flavour of the latter's Principles of geometry; but in keeping with the modern trend it is more algebraic and less geometrical. The spirit of the book is indicated by the fact that there is no mention of order or continuity.


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The first four of the nine chapters are concerned with algebraic preliminaries, chiefly in preparation for vol. II, and are so clear and concise that they would serve very well as an introduction to modern algebra, quite apart from their application to geometry. The topics treated in this part include groups, rings, integral domains, fields, matrices, determinants, algebraic extensions, and resultant forms.

The theory of linear dependence is developed without assuming commutativity of multiplication, and there is a neat algebraic treatment of partial derivatives and Jacobians.

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Review by: J H C Whitehead. The Mathematical Gazette 32 , This first volume is subdivided into "Book I", which is on pure algebra, and "Book II", on n-dimensional projective geometry. Book I opens with a general account of groups, rings and fields. It includes a discussion of integral domains and of polynomial rings.

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The term field includes non-commutative fields, or division rings as they are often called. Chapter II is on linear dependence. It gives a good account of linear sets over fields, which may be non-commutative. Chapter III deals with algebraic extensions of a commutative field, K, and with algebraic function fields. The fourth and final chapter in Book I deals with algebraic equations and polynomial ideals. Book II opens with an algebraic definition of projective space. The next chapter gives an account of Grassmann coordinates The two final chapters are concerned with collineations and correlations, which are discussed in terms of their elementary divisors.

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Mathematical Reviews , MR 10,b. The material covered in this book contains the essential prerequisites for a first course in algebraic geometry, namely certain well-defined topics in modern algebra and the general theory of projective spaces. Accordingly this volume is divided into two parts, entitled respectively "Algebraic preliminaries" and "Projective space.

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Review of reprint by: W L Edge. The Mathematical Gazette 54 , The republication of these two familiar volumes deserves a warm welcome. Their appearance in paperbacks testifies to their dissemination and assures us that their merits are widely recognised. The covers of each volume display the figure portraying the uniqueness of the harmonic conjugate, and thereby direct attention to the most geometrical chapter.

Faultless and clear though the argumentation is throughout both volumes, readers will specially remember the care and skill which piloted them through this chapter. The authors have skilfully blended the work of these illustrious men with many original ideas of their own.

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Their generality of outlook inevitably makes the book somewhat difficult to read, and there are no diagrams. However, an excellent index enables the reader to find much of interest without going through all the details. Review by: E C Thompson. The Mathematical Gazette 37 , The considerable developments in algebraic geometry in the last twenty-five years have not yet percolated through to the textbooks of the subject.

Indeed, the assimilation of this new material is not yet by any means complete, and the attempt to write a truly modern textbook on algebraic geometry requires a certain degree of courage as well as mastery of the subject.

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