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Litton CEO Orion Hoch Rose From Humble Small-Town Roots

If you ask me what my favorite constellation is in the night sky I will tell you without any hesitation, Orion the Hunter. Within its boundaries the mighty hunter has two of the 10 brightest stars in the night sky, and no other constellation has those bragging rights. He possesses many celestial treasures. Orion is also one of those few constellations that actually comes close to resembling its name.

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In early February at the start of evening darkness Orion stands proudly upright about halfway from the southern horizon to overhead. At first glance it may remind you of a giant hourglass or a sideways bow tie. According to Greek and Roman mythology the constellation outlines the body of a well-built barrel-chested man with a trim waistline.

Orion is wearing a belt made up of three bright stars perfectly lined up in a row. Nowhere else in the sky will you see three stars this bright lined up so perfectly — Alnitak, Alniham and Mintaka.

They have nothing to do with each other physically. They just happen to line up as they do from our view on Earth. Coincidence, or not? Alnitak is a little more than light years away, Alniham is nearly 2, light years distant, and a trip to Mintaka would require a journey of around light years. By the way, even if you had a space ship that could travel at 25, miles an hour it would still take you well over billion years to reach Mintaka!

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  5. These lesser shiners depict the sword of Orion. The light we see from that cloud left it around the year when the great Roman Empire was in steep decline! These are infant stars that formed randomly and gravitationally out of this loose cloud of hydrogen, the most visible element in our universe. These stars may be only , years old, and are showing signs of developing new solar systems of their own.

    Humble Giants: Orion Humble Giants: Orion
    Humble Giants: Orion Humble Giants: Orion
    Humble Giants: Orion Humble Giants: Orion
    Humble Giants: Orion Humble Giants: Orion
    Humble Giants: Orion Humble Giants: Orion
    Humble Giants: Orion Humble Giants: Orion

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